Taking Responsibility for The Matrix —

Along for the Ride

“These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me”

As many come to realize themselves as Source-in-form, rather than continuing in their Matrix programming to identify with the body/mind, I celebrate. No, it’s not the full outcome we seek, yet it’s that critical step that launches us into deeper awakening.

Let’s give the devil his due, as they say, & admit that the cabal — the deep state — is quite good at programming, thus indirectly controlling humanity. Or let’s say, they were, but not so much, these days. Too many of us are too far along in our awakening trek to be stopped, now.

Perhaps the best vid I’ve ever seen — 8:12

And what if the worldwide chaos is but evidence of the cabal death spiral?


Dear ones, as Source-in-form, we are the presence of Creator, here. Though our parents & ancestors were hoodwinked into accepting themselves as little better than advanced apes — accidents resulting from some Big Bang, & sinners, one & all — that just doesn’t wash, anymore. Far too many of us are snapping out of the daze in which humanity has spent endless eons.

Are you awakening? Are you seeing through so much of what your ancestors took for truth? Of course you are! And you’re not alone. So the cabal, in their desperation, realizing that their worst nightmare is on their doorstep, create such chaos everywhere to keep us in fear, or at least in anxiety.


The beauty of Free Will is that we get to make our own decisions. While we’re not yet at the point of manifesting precisely what we desire in a nanosecond, we’re much farther along than most yet dare to recognize. Thought creates. Perhaps you knew that? Nothing in existence would be here, absent the original thought about it. Thought is the origin of all that exists.

Are we not thinking beings? Of course, here in 3D, there’s a bit of what we call time between the thought & it’s manifestation in form. (The process is much quicker in the higher dimensions — where we also abide — time being the illusion that it is.) The cabal is well aware of how these things work. Thus, it’s no surprise that they’ve conditioned us both to think negative thoughts, but also to not align with our positive ones. (Most don’t even know how.)

The only thing in the way of any of us is our very own self. No one & nothing can stop the one who both knows the higher laws & how to align with what s/he desires to manifest. The one aligned with Truth, with the divine design — with no ego (mind) cluttering things up — is an unstoppable force.


Back to the cabal, which is hell-bent on halting humanity’s awakening. They thrive on negative energy — fear, anger, anxiety, pain & the rest. If they can just keep us focused on anything & everything negative, we feed them.

The cabal are energy vampires, long ago having sacrificed their direct link to Source in pursuit of the dark path. They “farm” humanity for the dark energies they crave — can’t do without. So here’s my suggestion — by refusing to be drawn in to any of the negative BS in current vogue — as exemplified by the pathetic MSM news shows — let’s starve them out.


Truly, my friends, if for one day all of us refused to be depressed, angry, fearful or negative, they’d have to die or go elsewhere for sustenance. Without firing a shot, we’d be the victors for planet earth.

What about us waking-up sufficiently to begin taking responsibility for the part we’ve been playing, here? We’re not the nothing, the worthless ones, the “useless eaters” they so commonly call us. We’re well & truly Source-in-form — individual rays of the One Light. We have the Power to bring this (or anything) about.


Yet here’s the challenge — we’ve simply got to ditch the old Belief Systems into which we were programmed. Until we do that, they form the filters through which we view all that is. No wonder things seem cloudy & dark. It’s our BS Belief Systems that have us running around, depressed & negative so often.

For those who are ready, welcome to the New World we’re in process of creating. Whether you know it or not, you’re acting on behalf of Creator with literally every thought you entertain. Let the negative ones be as links, seen but not clicked.

I know, sounds much easier than it is to implement, but as Source-in-form, come on — you KNOW you can do this. Or rather, you can allow Source to do it through you.


At a certain point on the awakening trek, we wake-up to realize that if we’ll just get out of the way, we’ll be danced. Source is the dancer & we are (or can be) the dance. Let that pretzel the mind. Savor it. Enter Heart.

By using Free Will to align with the highest & best of yourSelf, you become more the witness of “your” actions than the doer thereof. Yeah, it’s quite a trip :)

The primary thing is to recognize how we’re controlled by the mind — until we choose otherwise. Once mind transitions to the back seat as we put Higher Self in the driver’s seat, we’re off. The sky’s the limit, i.e., there are no limits at all. How could there be, for Source??


In an environment of eternity/infinity we don’t even die, friends. All the scary, boogeyman beliefs we’ve got on board are eventually ejected as we go within & take responsibility for what we create. This could be the biggest sit-down strike ever, as we join in refusing to create any longer based on the old BS Matrix programming.

Those on the dark side literally lost their power to create. They surrendered it over time by their free will choice to take the dark path. The ONLY way they have left to run things is via developing races like earth’s humanity. Admittedly, they’re quite crafty, adept at manipulating us — UNTIL WE AWAKEN — which is completely within our power to allow.


Waking-up brings with it a flexible perspective — the ability to see things from any angle, whatsoever. In other lifetimes we’ve actually incarnated among some of the dark races, just to walk a mile in their shoes.

Why? The better to understand them. We are, by nature, beings of great Compassion. Though the cabal seems insane to us, now, we have it in us to understand them — just how lost they truly are.

Source is all One. All That Is = Source. That means Source contains both the dark & the Light. How could it be otherwise? And would we really want eternal daylight, with no night at all? Is not the diversity of garden plantings that which creates the garden’s overall beauty?


There’s no such thing as evil — there is only lost, confused, misled. After long enough on such a path, dark deeds seem to be enjoyable — just look at the riches & power they (temporarily) bring. Do you think you could enjoy them? They slip from the Light step-by-step until they no longer recall what the Light is all about. It’s a trek of endless eons to arrive at their current awful state.

Then what happens? They become so very powerful, so adept at walking the dark path, using the dark arts, that they’re power addicts. They finally know no other way. Nor is it up to us to somehow save or rescue them. That’s not at all what I’m suggesting. Rather, let us rescue ourselves by awakening from the Matrix daze in which we’ve long tarried.


Things are accelerating to such a pace that we’re in for a truly great awakening — IF we choose to align with that. Have you noticed your brain working faster? Are you watching videos at 1.5 speed or more? Do you realize that the “speed of light,” the so called scientific constant, is no constant at all? It’s precisely tied to the processing speed of thought, thus differing on all dimensions.

As frequencies rise, so do our mental abilities. Just as the speed of light is no real limit, neither is time. It’s imperative, however, to keep the mind buckled-in to the back seat for this trek. This is a journey of Heart, of our inner reality as Source-in-form — the only One qualified to drive to our higher destinations. We’re more or less along for the ride — IF & as that is our choice.


What say you? Are you game? If so, then start ditching those old beliefs in favor of a more flexible perspective. Be open to the inner guidance that’s been there, all along — just eclipsed while mind was at the wheel. Mind was far too busy, occupied with other things — most of them negative. Go within!

Truth is & always has been fully present. It’s high time we took responsibility for not seeing it — for not recognizing just how we were being manipulated & controlled to bring forth the cabal’s desired destiny. That can stop right now, as long as we’re willing to take the ride. I am. What say you?


12:57 am, Tuesday, 2017–07–18, Mayan day 10 Dog