There is No Other

“These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me”

When will we finally “make it” — when will we come Home, to our real Home, not this place we call home, here on earth? Is that a strange question? I find it so. “Home is where the Heart is,” don’t you know, LOL. Sure, I’m using it differently, in a much deeper sense, but perhaps it’s helpful.

There’s so much talk about being in the Now — not the now as mind sees that, but so much deeper. Let’s go there, being sure mind is buckled into the back seat for the ride. Go within — yeah, right now. Why not? Doesn’t matter if you’re driving, washing dishes or clothes, mowing the lawn — Now is everywhere.


This deeper sense of Now is a Heart thing, of course — nothing to do with mind. I used to practice centering by imagining a sun shining brightly in the middle of my chest. I’d put a smiley face on it to help me get out of my head, where most are centered as we move through our days.

When listening to something I really wanted to absorb, I’d imagine great big ears on my smiley sun— to help me listen from there. Silly things, I know, but hey, they helped. The trickiest bit was learning to see from within. Yup, I put great big, beautiful eyes on that bright face. Until we play with such things, we may not realize just how head-centric we’ve become.

Such things are no longer required, living from Heart having become a beloved habit. As we really make contact in Heart, we become that — it encompasses our whole body, our whole being. We’re immersed. Yet that takes time & determined practice, at least as we begin.

Coming from a Christian background, I placed Asian statues of Buddha & Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) in odd places around the house, so that as I passed through a doorway, for instance, they’d catch my attention. Initially, because I found them both strange & out-of-place. The idea was that, on seeing them, I’d be reminded to center down. It helped to penetrate the fog.


We tend to go through our days in a fog, but we don’t know it at the start of our trek. We’re on auto-pilot, as it were. It’s most noticeable when we’re driving. Who hasn’t arrived at their destination, quite unaware of the scenery along the way? A two-hour journey can seem like 30 minutes that way — in our auto-pilot fog.

I don’t have to tell you this is all about not being Present in our Now moment — you know. We all do, once it’s noticed — yet not before. Prior to these awakening steps, most are actually unaware that they’re not there — not present most of the time. It’s very strange. And we call this just being “normal” — I don’t think so! So very nice to leave this aspect of 3D living behind.


So where are we, now? What phase of the journey are you experiencing? Some would admit to being a rank beginner, but none of us is really that, oh no. Remember, we all cycled down into this 3D environment from higher dimensions, so it’s not that we need to learn diddly-squat. This is all about remembering, this waking-up thing in which we find ourselves so intently engaged.

In the past I hesitated to write about such things, knowing how I’d have taken it to mind, back in the day. We all know those stuck in spiritual ego, don’t we — if not personally, then by their writings or videos — so very convinced that they just know? It can be a tough stage from which to exit. We don’t realize that being convinced we know things just creates walls, barriers to other perspectives. We’re just closed, albeit unaware.

That doesn’t mean that such people do no good, that they’re lost in any way. They often have quite a following, & what they offer does benefit many. It gets more difficult when an organization builds itself around them, or heaven forbid, they start a sort of religion or cult. Just more walls, locking them into their current stage. If a hierarchy develops — you guessed it — more walls.

It’s just a detour, friends, & no one can awaken them, can show them what they’re doing until they’re ready — best to not try. That’s one reason I’m practically allergic to any sort of following — it’s anathema to this soul, so no thanks. I’d rather stay free as a bird to just soar — to change my ways, my ideas, my perspectives at any point. With the changes coming in, coming on so very fast, let’s not let anything pin us down.


There’s something quite beautiful that happens on the awakening trek. As we move out of mind & into Heart, the ego more easily falls away. We no longer take offense at what anyone might say or do. We honor free will, both in ourselves, but perhaps more importantly, in others. We let them do their thing. Nor are we so attached to anything, to anyone, so if we have to move on, to leave a relationship, an organization, we just do — without fuss or bother, without regrets of any kind. We’re truly free, that way.

Humility is a word often used, but it doesn’t quite fit. Why not? Perhaps you’ve noticed those who are intentionally humble? It’s more like a chore, a requirement, than anything truly deep. They’re doing it because they believe they’re supposed to; it doesn’t flow, doesn’t seem natural. The personality, the ego is still there, just in hiding — mostly from them. ;-)

Nor am I saying don’t set high ideals — it’s not that, & setting good intentions is great. It’s just that what I’m pointing to is not humility, in that sense. It’s something other — something where the “lesser” self seems to just disappear. With Higher Self at the helm, you just soar. Higher Self has no need to be humble — that word is not in its lexicon — makes no sense to it.


It’s like the time when I was so high on Love, I was just soaring — & I was ever so grateful to be feeling that. As I began to say, “Thank you” to Source, my state began to drop from those clouds, that lofty perch — so I paused. It felt strange, & I didn’t at first know what was happening, or why.

In that pause, again I began to float, lifted back up high. Again, my soaring Heart began to utter those words — “Thank you” — & again, the descent began. Remember, I’m really high on this — not in mind, at all — so again, I wasn’t understanding what was happening. In the second pause, again I began to rise.

By about the third time this happened, the light went on, & I realized what was happening. In that state of divine union, there is truly no such thing as two — only the One. By saying “Thank you,” I was inserting the two — me, the one thanking, & Source, the one being thanked. That doesn’t work. Do you see? It has nothing to do with humility, just the oneness that is our divine state.


From this vantage, no one is either better or worse than anyone else. There is quite literally no separation of any kind. So I don’t yet have an adequate word or words for this — thus this long illustration. While I’m fairly well read, I haven’t pursued books on awakening, beyond an initial foray that began with Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now & a number of books along that line.

No doubt there are some great philosophers who could have said this in far fewer words. Do comment, if you have one to suggest, a particular work. Heaven knows we’ve had divine geniuses, down through the ages. If any one of us knew everything, what need or use would there be for the many? Source is so flipping awesome, that it takes all of us to express the endless aspects of That, don’t you know.

What aspects of Source are you expressing — & what aspects are yet hidden, within? It’s a great & joyous journey of discovery, at least that’s what I’m finding in every Now moment. Once we open ourselves to a far wider range of possibilities, oh my — it’s endlessly amazing. Makes you wonder why so many are content to remain so very closed — so sure that they know.


We are each actually as unlimited as Source — once we’re willing to recognize that, & begin to align with it. It’s funny, too, how the “greater” we get, the less we are there — as if becoming both greater & smaller at the same time. Boggles the mind. This is the sort of potential available to those willing to part with their Belief Systems — with even the idea that they know anything, LOL. It really gets to that, friends.

Such a great Joy to discover that mind doesn’t really know anything of true & lasting worth. That whatever it thinks it knows is but a wall, keeping out the endlessness that’s already present, right where we are. Hey, I’ve often said that on this journey one big thing that’s discovered is that it’s all pretty much inside-out, upside-down, & backwards. This is what I was getting at — how mind can’t know — & how it’s knowing gets very much in the way of awakening.


Perhaps it will help someone to hold their mind more lightly, not trusting it quite as much. Even the most current scientific “facts” are no more than the latest theories. Sure, they’re (seemingly) proven — but only until the next leap is taken, the next great discovery made. Then the theories will shift to accommodate what is now known. Do you see?

It’s said that every great discovery is first widely condemned as utter nonsense. Then it’s eventually considered — often after the discoverer has crossed over. Finally, it’s accepted as obvious scientific fact. Yeah, right — only until the next new discovery comes down the pike. As we broaden our sense of the possible, we short-cut that whole trek by quite a lot.

How to do it? By stepping back from the mind.


PS Found a way around — or through — that “thank you” thing — by discovering the difference between gratitude & appreciation. It’s something to ponder. I resisted the idea at first, but eventually realized that in appreciation there is no two — only one. Besides, Source doesn’t need our words — who are we talking to, but Self? In speech, itself, we create the artificial — the other. No such thing. And thus, too, the beauty of Silence ;-)

8:19 pm, Monday 2017/08/14, 2nd, Mayan day 11 Earth / Caban