Urgent Call to Action — Monthly Spell Against Us & Trump

This is a new one for me, friends. Just got word about a magical ritual set to occur at midnight, tonight, 2/24/2017, directed against “Donald Trump and all who abet him.” (Link at the end.) It will occur every month — during the period of the waning crescent moon — 7 nights in a row. The next one is 3/20–3/27/2017 — that’s right, this spell is cast at midnight each month!

While it is not aimed at doing bodily harm, it is still a dark rite with malevolent intent, aimed at President Trump & all who support him, so it’s aimed at many of us. While at first I considered reporting the planner, I quickly realized that it’s just GREAT that they’re broadcasting their plans, thus informing us all. LOL, they have no real idea how many of us are in support of his efforts toward bringing the whole cabal structure down.

So — by handling this well, the laugh will be on them, for what happens when you bring a light into a dark room? That’s the power of dark, which vanishes in the presence of light. Let us not respond in anger, but realize the beauty of this opportunity to shine Light into very dark places.

Here’s my suggestion — my idea is to have their ritual affect only them — to have it mirrored back, immediately, affecting no one but the magicians. Instant karma, in other words. My prayers also go out for the protection of earth & her elementals, those enslaved in such rituals. Let them be & remain free.

For those familiar with the Blue Sphere Beings (through the work of Corey Goode), feel free to call to them to surround all of us, as well as the President & his family. They can form an impenetrable shield, if they so choose — no harm in making the request. I have no desire to harm anyone or anything — just to prevent harm — & I hope you will join me in that. It’s important that we be in a good space, a good frame of mind, and in Heart, of course.

Dark has no power over Light — except what we give it, via the law of Free Will. I’m done with being tricked into handing over my power to anything outside of self/Self. By going head-to-head to battle with something — anything — we join them in their dark ways, gaining nothing in the end. We’ve seen through their strategy of taking us into wars, out of which nothing good ever comes. So see to your energies if you choose to participate in blocking this rite, this binding spell they cast at midnight, tonight — 2/24/2017.

Will keep this short. Even if you don’t choose to make your voice heard (via prayer or your own invocation of Light, however you choose), then take this as a heads-up for yourself, if you’re a Trump supporter. Remember, it’s aimed at binding you, too, so I’d recommend some personal prayers for protection, for isolation from their dark deeds.

The choice is ever so simple — Love or hate. Let us not be drawn into their dark webs of fear & hate. There’s none of that in Heart. This business is yet more of the cabal, writhing about in it’s death throes. No need for us to join them in any sort of suffering or discomfort at all.

We’re taking our power back, plain & simple. I hope you will agree.