What is the Divine Mind?

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Oh, my, how “I” hesitate to tackle this — such a potential mine field or bed of quicksand for those in mind — which, of course, used to be me. It’s only in watching such titles come through on the recent journals that I’m willing to go on this particular journal trek. (What is Truth? & What is Awakening?)

So, with 3D mind as tightly buckled into the back seat as possible, here we go. What is the divine Mind? How does it work? How does it interact with the 3D mind — presuming that it does. Perhaps it does not — I don’t know. Let’s see 😉

The divine mind does not operate via the use of thought. It does not “think,” in the way we’ve come to understand that word. It just Is. It just Be’s.

So how can we know it, at all?

As long as we’re in the Matrix of 3D mind, we cannot. Even if we see its action in another, we won’t know what that is — what’s acting there. It will just seem to be strange, to that one in mind.

Those who enter Heart find a different territory, one not occupied by, not at all controlled by mind & its ways. This is the emptiness of which many speak — from which their voice arises. This is that very “space” which is a nowhere to 3D mind, it being unable to enter in. From this perspective we have much more potential to at least view Divine Mind in action.

That doesn’t mean that understanding will come. Remember, it’s ever mind that wants, desperately, to understand.

We’ve already seen many things that are beyond mind’s reach — so we’re at least aware to keep mind minimized on such a trek. It’s so-called understanding(s) won’t help us, here. Divine Mind is distinctly “other” from anything 3D mind can grasp.


That being the case, let us center for this trek. What shall we find, as we go ever deeper, within? Let’s take a bit more “time” to be sure we bring no expectations with us. Expectations are mind-generated — have you seen this, yet? It’s the relative mind, projecting outside of the sacred NowHere, the current step — the Now moment, gateway to the within.

Expectations both color the view, but also direct our steps. We don’t want that, so we just go deeper, within. What else may be in the way? Our beliefs — our firm belief that we know anything at all. In this realm, we do not, so we set that aside, as well, as being quite useless, here — enabling us to go deeper, yet.

As we find the stillness, the silence, we welcome that. We enter, & simply ask — What is the Divine Mind? What shall we hear? It’s the Divine Mind that is manifesting us — who we are. We are the extensions of Its curiosity, it could be said.

Oh my — so, if we are composed of That — hmm, there’s a new twist, a new take to savor & ponder. I Am That. Hmm, indeed. Well, okay, then what? How did we get so far “off the path,” if you will — so deeply mired in the 3D illusion that is The Matrix we find, today?

Can the Divine Mind get lost?

(This is rhetorical, of course, but it’s a question that naturally arises.)

The Divine mind is never lost — that’s not possible. Yet, it moves with us on our mind trek. It’s we who are not listening, not attending to That. As we fill ourself with the “knowledge” of the world, the 3D realm, we get farther & farther from our original moorings in That. Given free will, we’re the ones choosing to wander along such paths.

Yet, the Divine Mind is ever Present with us — It never leaves. We’re never alone, in that sense — rather, we’re all one. We’re even lost from the original meanings, the intentions behind our words — “alone” — “all one.” Human creativity is amazing, yet when it goes loose from its internal mooring in Heart, it wanders far & wide from its Source.

Take, for instance, how strange it is to tell someone that they’are actually Source-in-form, not the seeming individual they’ve taken for who they are. That’s some pretty wide wandering, there. Thus have we all participated in creating this current realm of suffering & so much pain — everywhere — no one being immune who takes this detour, this particular human trek.

It’s not at all about “where we’re going,” it’s about where we are — just Now, just Here.

Only as we turn around from facing the externals, finding our way back within, will we begin to rediscover our true nature, our true Identity in Source — as That. So, clearly contact with Divine Mind is found only within.

Okay, that helps. Then what? How does Divine Mind operate?

While that is a very human question, it will find its answer, within. This goes beyond the MOM observing phase, however, being beyond even the seeming of the two. Here, the two no longer exists, even as a memory. Here, we are grounded in That, which is & can only be One.

These are the crystalline facets, finally recognizing themselves as an aspect, as but one perspective on the greater Whole. [1]

As we enter & remain within this sacred internal territory, we will begin to see the Divine Mind in action — in ourSelf. Yes, as ourSelf. We will witness it bring coherency to the chaos we see in the world — giving us the deeper context for all of that.

We will see abilities begin to arise within self that were not present, before. Yes, our intelligence will increase, sometimes even measurable in the ways of the world. Yet, let us ever remember — the world does not know what is going on — nor even what it is.

No one can even define the self, much less the Self. They are puffed-up with a sort of relative knowledge that goes to the ego, the mind. This is not the Divine Mind at work, being fully accessed. It’s there as potential — that is all.

The Divine Mind is merging with all of those making themselves available to That.

The merge is taking place, more by what we surrender than by what we embrace. It’s a massive letting-go that’s going on that brings the merge about. It’s on finally realizing that we know nothing — nothing of real, eternal worth — that the Divine Mind draws closer, yet.

The old must be let go, must be released, for this merge to be experienced. It is only in the direct experience that it can be known — or rather, that some portion of That can be felt, be witnessed in action in our life.

The Divine Mind is ever ready to be the One living our life — which can’t happen outside of wise use of free will.

While the Divine Mind knows everything there is to be known — & can bring that knowing to bear fruit in our lives — yet we must, in effect, disappear as the one we think we are for such to occur. The internal emptiness we find on the awakening trek is fertile ground for all of this.

As we release the reins, the self’s intense desire to control, only then can this divine marriage take place.

We know nothing — we control nothing. These are things 3D mind will ever resist, simply not wanting to hear them, much less put them into practice, much less have the experience of that emptiness.

Yet, as we release & relax into all of this, such magic can begin as would blow the 3D mind right out of the water. Thus, our work toward taming that mind is very much to our greater benefit — which it cannot know.

“I” hesitate to say “I,” these days, but it’s tricky to communicate, otherwise. Just know that by “I” I mean the deeper One that is there, within you, within us all. Ultimately, it’s the same “I” in us all, playing the role of these individual crystalline facets of the One. We are Source-in-a-body, having an experience, here.

“I” gave up long ago on being understood widely, knowing the “target audience” for such writings would be quite small. Yet, the writings come, so they are shared, here. I also have full faith in that One which we all are — on its Presence, there, in each & every life. We sing our song, dear ones, whatever that is. All is ever well, once we find our way, within — this we know. It is enough.

“I” have recently noticed the Presence of the Divine Mind in the journaling process. It’s quite subtle, yet before this appeared, there’s no way you’d find me tackling such things as “What is Truth?” I mean, come on, right! These things are ineffable, as perhaps you will agree — all of the qualities of Source. Yet, I witness the journal writing itself.

As the journal continues to come out, onto the page, I feel the deep, internal agreement with what’s being said. The use of those words, which ones & how they’re applied, is not something of which this mind is at all capable — this “I” know. Yet, there they are.

Perhaps the Divine Mind is also appearing for you in such ways. Why not, right? As it’s been said, “What man has done, man can do,” of course meaning both male, female, even child.

This is our very Nature — all of it. The fact that humanity was lost for a good while is meaningless with regards to This. That which is True — really True, not in the relative sense — is eternal, is infinite. Never going, never coming, just Is-ness, just Being — that’s all. Nor is it ever farther away than the next breath, the next understanding as it arises.


It’s also comforting to know what contactee Alex Collier shares regarding the 5D Andromedan understanding of Source. They call That the Is-ness, freely admitting that they don’t understand it. Well, if that’s the case, there on 5D, isn’t it high time we quite believing that we can understand It, here?

Everything, everyone, sings its song. It’s what we do — what we are is what sings.

As we go within, we begin to hear the divine Music of the Spheres, as it’s been called. The Andromedans Alex knows don’t compose music as we do. Instead, they record the sounds made by the stars, the planets — everything in Nature — combining these to make their music.

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that they consider humanity, here, to be Genetic Royalty. Well, they do. It’s a wonder to them, that with our great, amazing potentials, we’re participating in creating our current earth reality. They marvel — they wonder — they watch.

I suspect this is what inspired their work with Alex, along with 3 others not currently speaking publicly. It’s a very tough road the real contactees follow, being greeted by the entrenched minds of the rest of us. Meanwhile, the A’s never push. They continue to make their offerings to humanity, & I’m ever so glad that at least Alex is speaking out — sharing his best understandings of what they share.

Awakening — it’s ever a process, whether in 5D or 3D or whatever D you like.

All is never know, all at once, except by Source. We have access to whatever aspects of That we’re willing to let in — to allow. It’s a tricky road to travel while we’ve still got 3D mind on-board, of course. Yet, as we enter ever deeper within, into That which we truly are, it gets ever easier, each step of the way.

As the burdens fall away, it becomes nothing less than endless DeLight — in the Light of which All is composed.
Gautama Buddha — The Mission on Medium.com

This journal didn’t likely satisfy anyone’s mind — but that’s okay. As we shed our reliance on mind as the tool to discover meaning, we go ever deeper into that meaning, Itself. Bon voyage! Glad to have you aboard :)


[1] The crystal analogy originally appeared in this journal — What is Awakening? 2 of 3


3:42 pm, Friday 2017/09/27, 2nd, Mayan day 3 Crocodile / Imix