Yawning Divide, pt 2 of 4

3D is Morphing

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

In my experience there is a stark & vast divide or distinction between the experience of life lived as usual on earth, i.e., in The Matrix, & life experienced via what I call Heart, not the organ nor the chakra, but more a portal into our inner beingness. There’s not a self in there — it’s that different, requiring the loss or checking-in of self at the point of entry.

There is no way to convey any of this to the one resident in mind, for they are two different realms, entirely — perhaps it could be said as two different states, I don’t know. Being at this deeper “level” of awareness remains somewhat new to me. Though I’ve danced with awareness, often deeply, throughout this life, there’s a far deeper integration ongoing, now.

It seems everything is relative, here on earth. At any point along our spiritual journey we see it as the deepest, the most profound yet — & it is — but that says nothing of what is in store. When our inner realm environment is eternity/infinity, it makes sense that we’ll never attain some ultimate state, some peak or ending. There’s always more, always beyond wherever we are.

The more includes the less that’s also very much an aspect, a major part of the journey. Less, & ever less of the outer self, the one we’ve taken ourself to actually be — the illusions that yet remain, awaiting release. They can’t generally be released before they’re seen. Only then do they become subject to our exercise of free will. We’re not in charge of that of which we’re unaware.

I can’t make this as an absolute statement, as it’s also true that some things simply fall away along the trek, we know not how. So both the more & the less are somehow the case — never mind that they seem to quite contradict one another — Heart sense or wisdom is often like that.

In order for there to be manifestation of any kind, duality is required. Otherwise, it’s just the stillness, the All, the One — no time, no space — just Is, Is-ness — Being, no motion at all. So in all of Cosmos, no matter the Universe, the dimension, the planet, there are varying aspects of duality — of relativity. Make sense?


We may well have some of the greatest intensity of that, right here in what was once 3D, but is now morphing into higher frequency, eventually into a higher dimension. Stay in Heart with this, for it’s Heart sense that we’re sharing. 3D earth is one heck of a tough ride. It’s here where there’s a yawning gulf between the outer & inner experiences available to us — extreme duality.

When we stay in mind, it seems that Heart invalidates head & vice versa. They’re just hugely different experiences, different perspectives, basically different realities being experienced, but there’s no invalidation of anything going on, here. They’re just different options, available choices for our exercise of free will — though it’s true you can’t have both at the same time.

Just because you can’t take a spaceship to Venus & take a submarine down into the Mariana Trench at the same time doesn’t mean they invalidate one another. They are distinctly different experiences, quite different options, but both remain valid on their own. You just can’t choose both at the same time, absent bi-location of some sort.

That analogy helps, yet doesn’t quite work, as both of those travel options exist in 3D, whereas the Heart option is multidimensional, more a portal into what seems to be another realm. What I’m saying here is that the mind option remains valid — it’s not somehow less than or worse than choosing Heart.


There are those whose “mission,” if you will, is very much bound-up with 3D. We’re all on a unique journey, so the important thing, here, is to be in contact with our own Inner Being, not following the crowd or anyone else. Each one’s journey is very much their own. I don’t see that we gain anything of value by following someone else, even if they’re a Buddha or a Christ. When we become a follower, we cede control of our life to someone, to something other than our own Inner Being, the One who best knows what we’re about by being here.

If you have a sense of mission, that’s great, just so you’re confident that it’s coming from that deep, inner space, not just something of programmed mind. In today’s world, mind is basically lost, wandering around in search of meaning, of its reason for being. My journey has shown me that by sticking with mind, I’ll never find that deeper “space.”

I could live a perfectly wonderful life, envied by others, yet not have that sense of deep, inner fulfillment. Look into the eyes of the wealthy — what do you see there? Seldom do I sense any deep satisfaction when I look. You could literally have all this world has to offer, in material ways, & still not be happy, be satisfied, forever seeking the “more” to fill the inner dissatisfaction.

It just depends on what you really want — not what others deem valuable or desirable, but you. You’re the only one that counts in your life. It’s an inward journey toward that sense of fullness, of fulfillment, & it takes knowing the self far better than most choose to discover it. It takes losing the outward focus, almost entirely. Who is brave enough for that?

Many have been trained to await some sort of savior or salvation. That’s more looking to externals for an internal fulfillment; it’s not destined to turn out well. At some point we wake-up to that. It takes a willingness, a sense of readiness. We’re actually being given, in any NowHere moment, precisely what’s best for that moment. Yet, to the extent that we remain locked within the mind perspective(s), we don’t see what’s being presented in that light.

Heart knows. It has always known. That means you know, but this knowing goes on at deeper levels of being than most access throughout life, including me. So the fact that it’s there & available is meaningless to the one not aware of that, existing only as potential until that readiness arises. Do you see?


We ARE that which we seek. Strange, huh? The more we awaken, the more surprised we are to find that the Truth was always available — was never hidden. We were the ones hiding from that, by remaining mind-focused within The Matrix. On deep, inner levels of our Being we do have this awareness — but it takes exercise of free will to discover any of this.


As long as we’re following someone else or their teachings, we’re looking in useless places, outside of the self, for what’s already present, within. We think we’re this separate individual, but we’re not. It turns out it’s the separate identity that’s the myth. And though we exist & have our Being in this vast yet empty Oneness, the price of entry is to release the hold The Matrix has on us.

What we uncover, within, is not a separate identity, but rather the absence of that. Though we retain the flavor of our unique beingness, there’s nothing separate about it. Is one drop of the ocean separate or distinct from another? Drops can emerge in the splashing of the waves upon the rocks, but they merge back in quickly, right? That time of seeming to be separate is akin to a lifetime.

Time, itself, is nothing like what we take it to be. Gosh, I don’t know why this sharing is coming through this way, for it looks almost like teaching, which is anathema to me. Who am I to teach another drop anything about being a drop, lol? It’s ridiculous — yet I trust the flow, so I’ll go with it.

Each one’s Heart is ever calling out to them, to the outer persona they believe themselves to now be. That calling is always present, but never forceful or pushy — just available. It takes tuning out of the spaceship journey to Mars to tune into the underwater adventure — we can’t experience both at the same time in 3D, that’s all. We can have both, yet in any Now moment it’s all about choice, about where we place our focus — thus it’s important to know what we want.


Not what mind wants, & there’s the rub. Mind wants what it’s been taught to want, what it’s come to believe is desirable. That’s all bunkum, when it comes to the spiritual journey. It must be released, & that’s a very big deal to who we take ourselves to be — to mind — not to the Inner Being we are.

So part of this journey is coming to distinguish head from Heart, the two different realms.

Heart’s values are entirely other than those of mind. We choose what we want on the deepest layer of our being to which we currently have access, then go for that. It’s all about aligning with our desires, whatever they are. For the spiritual trek, it also takes putting the Inner Being in charge, demoting mind from its controlling position.

It’s all there for us, folks, & it’s largely a matter of turning inward, learning to listen, to pay heed to the deeper Being, rather than the externals & rather than the mind. No one & nothing is stopping us but the self & the previous choices we’ve made, the mind choices we’re currently making. We’ve been taught to put mind at the helm, guiding our life. Well, just how well is that working out?

At some point along the trek, we’ll be called upon to make a truly deep, a total commitment to the Heart trek, at the expense of reliance on mind & its ways. This is not something we have to do, either. It’s all about that readiness mentioned earlier, & it comes when it comes. There’s no telling when, but you’ll know when it arrives. You’ll just find yourself aligning with that.


Eventually, the one thing in life we find totally, completely reliable is our own Inner Being. We won’t always be dialed-in precisely to that, but we do our best & just keep tuning-in. Somehow, it all works out perfectly — though we don’t get to see it from that perspective until a bit further on in our journey. We all have some self-doubt to discover & to work our way through, releasing it as it arises.

Gosh, you never know with Heart journals, where they’re going. It’s always such a ride, an alchemical thing. At this point I’ve learned to deeply trust, but that didn’t come right away. Sometimes, earlier on, you think it’s Heart calling & it turns out to be mind. 😞 It’s relatively easy, though — you just do your best in any Now, & that turns-out to be quite good enough. We’re always shown.

We see, later on, how our supposed mistakes were anything but. So much is gained at each step along the way. Sometimes it seems really challenging & we fall into the temptation to be down on ourself for this or that. We get better at spotting that as activity of the hacked mind as we determinedly pursue our trek. The clarity just keeps arising, somehow.


Have faith in your Inner Being. Learn to trust that. Know that, at some point, different for each one, all of the learning ceases. We already know all of this stuff, deep within, & at some point we begin to touch down, there. Once this happens a number of times, you’re better able to identify what it feels like — how distinctly different your perspective is from there. That helps — a lot.

Ultimately, there’s no more learning, no more studying or pursuing anything.

You just are, & you find yourself there, somehow. There’s no telling how it will happen for you. No one else can give you any of this, which is arrived at by your own journey. You begin to recognize the mile markers along the way. They each have a distinctly different feel, having nothing to do with the mind, its opinions, ideas, & beliefs. You find yourself steadily surrendering all of those along your way. You just know, & in ways that beggar explanation.

I wish you well on your journey, friends, into this Oneness shared by all. We meet up there, in ways that can’t be explained. Our inner senses open & usher us into the greater Reality. I don’t wish a rough kundalini awakening on anyone — it’s not necessary, though for some, it is their chosen way. Too harsh by far for me. I’m having loads of fun with a more gentle trek — though I must admit, if that happened to me, I’d also welcome it.

It’s all about welcoming whatever is arising in my NowHere — being open to that. Everything is eventually seen for the precious gift that it is — even the difficult, painful parts. It’s all good. If challenge arrives on your doorstep, then respect the strong, sturdy soul that you are. You’re ready for that, or it wouldn’t be there — so why not welcome it? Why fight anything, anymore?

Heart never does any harm, to self or anyone. There’s no need to fight perceived injustices or “wrongs” in the world. Heart will always guide you into right action — yet it won’t be “you” taking that action — it will be your Inner Being. You’ll be more the witness than the actor, there. It’s all so very strange, yet in beautiful, awesome, transcendent ways.

I’ve given off trying to explain any of this to anyone — to anyone in mind. Those in Heart don’t require explanation — they just get it. Discussion sometimes, yes — explanation, not at all. That’s a mind thing, & mind just can’t know any of this. This is why I find this journal so very strange, seemingly full of what could be seen as explanation. I just have to laugh, & let Heart have it’s way. I well know the feel of this flow, & I trust it.

So, Namaste, dear ones. Meet you in Heart 😄


11:34 pm, Saturday 2017/10/14, 5th, Mayan day 7 Flint / Etznab