How to work from home without being a guilt-ridden parent?

4 min readFeb 28, 2020

Feeling guilty all the time?

Sometimes guilty about working late and missing the family moment… and at other times, being with the family but dreading the thought of missing the deadline at work front?

But why? You opted to work from home so that you can manage everything at the same time. Now, you are the one living with regrets, almost every moment, not able to experience happiness!

What has gone wrong?

And wait, is this happening to you only? No. Certainly not. Believe me, there are other parents too in the same boat:)

Work from home parent is often guilt ridden, feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with life.
Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

Just like you, so many parents deal with the same emotions of qualms, unhappiness, and lack of fulfillment in life. However, very few like you realize what is happening to them. And that is why you have come so far, right?

So, let us quickly check out the steps to be Guilt-free parent-

Step 1: Create the future that you want

It may seem to be a whole lot of tasks in creating the future you want. How? Is it possible? But, actually not that too difficult!

Pick one area that has been bothering you for a while and consuming your peace of mind. Think of what you can do about it. Set a deadline to overcome it.

Accomplish small goals like this, one after another. That ways your focus shifts to actions to experience a guilt-free present and future.

Step 2: Build a happy and loving timezone for your kids

Your kids want your undivided attention and love. So, find time to connect with them exclusively in the routine itself.

Indulge with love often- while waking them up, before sleep and somewhere in between too. That adds so much positivity, warmth, and love.

Every night, before sleep, I connect with my daughter and express my love for her. Afterward, there is no guilt when I leave from her room and go back to my stuff.

Step 3: Acquire the right tools for a guilt-free start every day

Managing work from home while taking care of family is tough, right? You need to execute household chores while meeting work deadlines.

Check the loose ends where you can tie up to make things work better. How about a tool that reminds you of important tasks?

Well, I rely on Google Keep for all important things, both personal and professional. That eases my mind and reduces the chances of missing anything.

Step 4: Borrow a couple of hands to downsize the load

At times, it's too much on board with unexpected events, sickness, adhoc demands from clients and so on. Why slog alone?

When going gets tough, the presence of supportive people or like-minded groups is a boon. Don’t hesitate!

Reach out to your partner, your parents or friends for home chores, kids, etc. Else, outsource home or work-related work to buy some peace of mind.

Step 5: Train your brain to the art of switching on and off

BEWARE! Taking your business worries to the kitchen would spoil the taste of all. Moreover, mixing up things leads to guilt trips.

Consider yourself as a switch, funny? When it is on, you are a dedicated entrepreneur and when it is off, you are a loving parent.

Once you master this skill, nothing like it, seriously. Practice it daily for an hour to train your brain, soon you will become a pro:)

Step 6: Identify the real ‘you’ in you

Look into the mirror, who are you? A parent, caring son/ daughter, entrepreneur, spouse, what else? Are you losing your original self amid diverse roles?

Time to revive and connect with yourself first. Remind yourself why you started this journey. Declutter your mind.

The leadership guru, Robin Sharma suggests following the principle of 20/20/ 20 framework for the first hour of the day. Exercise, reflection, and learning are key aspects of this routine.

Step 7: Embrace this practice to be Guilt-free

Do you penalize yourself for not meeting the standards you set? Do you get self-critical and suppressed for under-achieving?

Check if it brings better results to you. If not, cut this process. Accept yourself as human and appreciate your journey.

Make a daily journal of achievements and review it often to acknowledge yourself. Reflecting upon the path you have tread so far will bring self-fulfillment.

If you ask me whether the above steps are possible. My answer is positive, hands down. And this confidence comes from the will to win and practice, which you also already have, my friend.

You are already working hard for your family and for your work, with guilt though. Some consistent efforts as suggested above and you will be working from home, not as a guilt-ridden parent, but as a guilt-free parent.

All the best!