5th September — “Day of gratitude !”

It is a significant day today !World wide 5th September is celebrated as “ World teacher’s day” . Today is the day with opportunity to express gratitude and thank those who helped shape us — as individuals and professionals .

Like many others, my teachers and mentors have huge influence on me.

Few of them have been critical not only in helping me learn, but have also deeply influenced my character and personality .

Taking the opportunity to thank some of my mentors and reflect on learnings I had.

Mrs. Harinarayan :

Mrs, Harinarayan used to teach Biology at school. She was a fierce lady who never hesitated to call spade a spade and voice her opinion and she expected nothing less than her students. Like all students I was in awe of her and my happiness knew no bounds when I got the chance to be part of her learning group.

Every Friday evening, we would have an hour “sharing session” where we would discuss top of mind issues with her. Being an all girls school, it was an open forum where one could discuss anything and everything.

While new at school, I lacked confidence and courage to be among everyone . Often hesitated to express my opinions and mingle with other students , always doubting myself. And then one day, she taught me 2 golden rules — self sufficient recipe to lead a successful life.

“ Confidence is courage at ease” and “wear your attitude on your sleeves” .

Though late, but I did learn — To move ahead, we need to give up all fears and most importantly fear of failure or else we will be stuck!

Horace Poppen:

Poppen sir was the director at Christ College Bangalore and taught us Labor laws. He was my favorite teacher at college who taught more than what was mentioned in books and is also the reason why I chose HR as a profession.

For Poppen sir, age was just a number — beaming with energy and wearing a contagious smile ( even in his 70s), he always pushed us to look at both the sides of a coin and find an opportunity in every adversary.

I would often go to him with lot of issues about people, topics, aspects of life and his immediate response would be to enjoy and find out the good even in worst of situation.

There is always something to learn which otherwise we would have missed and would be an inch farther from achieving greater learning.

“ We need to show up, everyday , even on our worst of days , b’coz that is what will keep us going.”

Nitin Seth :

Quite early in my career I had the the opportunity to learn from some of the best leaders and coaches at work and Nitin is one of them.

I have learnt a great deal about life, relationships, values at work place and aspects which are important to have both a successful and meaningful career.

Nitin would always say, everyone is special in their own way!

“You be you! Don’t copy others, it takes courage to be oneself , but that is what you are best at !”

Do not focus on runners around you, but your my own marathon and complete the journey with your head down.

Never settle for mediocrity! —

“Hard work and putting all effort to do the best is the only road to success and making the ever lasting impression !”

Everyone has potential to be great , what separates “exceptional” people from the rest is the hard work and perseverance to bring the best outcome and not settle for anything else.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I am permanently in debt to these amazing humans who have given more than I could even imagine . For teaching me so much and helping me be who I am!

#Happy teachers day!

Thank you!