My Internship at mySWOTs incorporation

I am currently doing my final year B.Tech(IT) at College Of Engineering, Guindy ,Chennai. During my third year there was a competition hosted in our college named Mr./Ms.Geek. The One who wins this title will be given an opportunity to do an internship at the mySWOTS incorporation. To my good luck, I won the competition and was offered the internship. My internship is not the usual one of going to an office and spending the whole day there. Mine was the cool one “Work from your home”. So my first day started. Mr. Sesha, my guide in this internship, called me and gave me a brief introduction about the company and the things I will learn out of this internship. He also gave me my first assignment. After this call, to be honest, I was very excited about my intern. He was one awesome person I have met. The one main thing which impressed me is that before giving me a task he will explain me why I am doing that and what will I learn if I do that. This explanation I don’t think any of the managers will teach.

Talking about what was the role assigned to me in this internship is I was assisting the DB team in redesigning the whole structure. The existing model failed to meet many of the needs. So the DB team planned of designing a new model. I was responsible for testing the correctness of various stored procedures and to check whether the data are correct. The next step of my internship would be to analyse these data and extract useful information from them.

I have decided to continue this internship even in my final year. On the whole, I loved this internship which taught me many new things about corporate life and enhanced my knowledge. I am looking forward to learn many more new things.

Happy to have been chosen to do this internship.