Life is unfair, deal with it.

I had always people tell me that life was unfair, though I never had any first-hand experience to make me feel so. I thought maybe when I get older I might feel differently about it and I guess I was right.

So here I am, twenty years old, feeling the injustice life yields.

All it took was one event for me to realize this. No gradual awakening took place, and thankfully there is one other person who feels the same way I do about this event! This way there can be enough venting done, and we can cope with this event together.

I can say we are handling it fairly well, and might just have gotten over this issue. Whenever either of us feel like slipping back into a misery of sort regarding this, we talk the other out of it and help re-focus on the other aspects of life.

Well, that’s it for now. Saturday afternoon laziness beckons me.

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