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The Deerpack
4 min readApr 26, 2022


Welcome to the Deerpack.

What started as a tweet by Pack artist peachii in late 2021 has grown into a beloved community rich with pet owners, gardeners, songwriters, gamers, memers, artists, and KBBQ enthusiasts, to name a few.

The Deerpack ethos is simple; start small, build BIG, do good.

Organic growth, community, branding. These are at the heart of every decision made by the team. Nothing is more important than providing a safe and welcoming environment for our community and returning value to the holders who trust our vision.

Minting 🔜, we promise. We PROMISE. Honestly, it is so soon. Seriously.

The Team

peachii (co-creator)
small lebowski (co-creator)
wooden turtle

Between us there are years (years) of work in the fashion industry, branding, marketing, illustration, animation, business and entrepreneurship, corporate finance and administration, community engagement and project management.

We have coined ourselves the Oldest Team in NFTs and proudly wear that badge of honour on our Deerpack hoodies.


The Fawns

In order to create these perfect baby deer, peachii has sacrificed her spinal column in a condition we have diagnosed Full Prawn.

peachii irl

The collection will include 888 fawns with a total of 142 traits.

There are also six 1/1s with a special feature; they’re animated, you guys. The wiggly fawn butts… I can’t.


It always starts with Roadmap v.1. We released ours in January 2022 and almost immediately started remapping.

The beauty of the NFT space means projects have the room to iterate continuously based on market demand and community sentiment. It also provides an environment for creativity to flourish.

Roadmap v.1 — a relic

How do you add value to a community that lives online? Why would you invest in us when there is an abundance of cuteness in the NFT space? Good questions, friend!

1. IRL Meetup

We love the Metaverse, we wouldn’t have each other without it, but remember parties? Those things where you would gather with friends and have, like, fun and stuff?

By enabling local Deerpack Ambassadors to arrange their own meetups, we aim to facilitate some of those real life connections we lost touch with over the past two years.

It’s not for everyone of course, and we would never need or expect anyone to share any information they weren’t comfortable with in order to attend. The meet up criteria is flexible; group drinks? Great! Coffee? Also great. Art exhibition? You so fancyyyy.

The Pack will also be hosting centralised meet ups starting with Portugal. Plans for Portugal are well under way — it always begins with the perfect location … 👀

2. The Brand

Although the collection of fawns is special in its own right, we consider ourselves more than the art. We’re focused on establishing ourselves as a global brand. This will not only create value for our holders through reach and visibility, but as we scale up our capabilities will grow. This is just the beginning.

Children’s book
Writing this book has been a dream of peachii’s for as long as she can remember. Our resident illustrator genius audi is bringing it to life.

We have some very big plans around an animated series using the book as a springboard, but shh 😶

Blessed with the skills and expertise of our resident business guru and consummate host, choe, we have already begun the Packcast.

Get to know the people behind the pixels as we interview members of the team, other influential and likeminded NFT personalities as well as artists and web3 newbies. The podcast is a mechanism to bridge web2 and web3 in a meaningful way and is super cute.

Much to the dismay of our most active community members, merch is already in progress and currently with team members for quality control.

This doesn’t end with hoodies; your homes and wardrobes will be full of fawns once we have our way.

An updated mindmap — that’s very 2022

So far so what?

Big deal, why should I spend my hard flipped eef on a fawn?

Because they’re cute. But also, aside from the partnership developments underway, we’ve already delivered the following and have yet to mint.

  1. Deerpack Podcast — The Packcast is available on Podbean, Apple Music, and Spotify
  2. Clothing merchandise — widely available🔜
  3. Ghost Town Showdown integration — A collection v. collection 3D P2E game boasting notable NFT partners such as Axolittles, Chubbiverse, Sappy Seals, and The Squishiverse

Our ambition is measured and deliberate. When we say global brand, we mean it. And when we say we love you, we mean that the most.

We are all so, so ready for these cute af, bad ass, gum chewing, slipper wearing, curly haired, pizza munching, tail waggling fawn babes to grace us not only with their interminable cuteness, but opportunity. We can’t wait. ❤

Welcome to the Pack.