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Psychedelic substances have been used by humans for millennia. That’s a fact. In a society that criminalizes and tarnishes the ancient tradition of these useful medicines, a lack of understanding can eventually lead their users to abusing them. This poses a potential threat to the person, as some experiences may be harmful if not prepared for or cared for during the proverbial “bad trip.” There’s a growing need for harm reduction tactics and training as more people are drawn to trying these substances without prior knowledge of their effects.

That’s where Zendo Project…

Escapism from reality through cartoons might be the best way to face truths

Netflix’s “The Midnight Gospel”

What is it that draws adults into the land of animation when it’s so affiliated with children? Adult cartoons fall into two categories: profoundly explicit and insecurely grasping for laughs, or uniquely touching while equally grasping for laughs. “Do you like adult cartoons?” seems a question with an air of hesitation or embarrassment. Asking a friend “Do you want to watch Will Arnett be a drunk, depressed and burnt-out actor from the 90s? Oh, and he’s a horse” is uncomfortable.

The element of comfort is a key…

How shooting on 16mm made me a better filmmaker

Jordan Berger using an Arri SRII to shoot film.

When my movie-making fascination began in 2008, I wasn’t picky about what kind of camera I could get my hands on, or what format I was shooting in. All that mattered was that I was telling a story with moving images. As I progressed as a filmmaker while attending The University of Mississippi for Theater and Film, I paid more attention to camera and lens options and how different looks can affect the tone of your movie.

Once introduced to quality movies in college, I quickly fell in love with the…

We’re on lockdown but our screens are ON. Here’s a look at our top recommendations for this time inside.

Many of us are privileged enough to work from home, but that doesn’t ease the cabin fever running rampant around the world. At Deer Run Media, we’re taking this time to expand our horizons by watching films that, while they may be influential, have somehow flown under the radar. From old-timey Western sagas to underrated female directors, this is our comprehensive list for anyone looking level up from film-lover to cinema-junkie.


For those with shorter attention spans or looking for a…

How to Navigate and Conquer Paul Thomas Anderson’s Home City

From “Punch-Drunk Love”

Since the days of Robert Altman, there hasn’t been a filmmaker who has conceptualized and characterized the Los Angeles milieu in such a personal way as director Paul Thomas Anderson. There’s a profound malaise in Anderson’s ‘Los Angeles films’ (Punch-Drunk Love, Magnolia, Boogie Nights, Inherent Vice). The city acts as a catalyst for his protagonists’ dread — their definitive loneliness. Loneliness is not the only characteristic of his misanthropic cast, however. Each protagonist combats the city’s solitude with their own remarkable abilities — skills and character traits that act as…

How Plagiary Might be a Legitimate Art Form

By Gavin Fields

Arron Sorkin once said, “Good writer’s borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright.” Well, if Sorkin approves, I think we can all acknowledge the potential merits of creative imitation. However, these merits do have limits, and it’s important to bring up the fascinating (even if hopelessly undeterminable) questions that come with the discussion of creative ownership. I’ve always adhered to the (albeit overly simplistic) rationalization that if an artist borrows an idea from another and creates a new conceptually successful piece, than the reimagined idea has successfully homaged the former; however, if the interpreter’s…

Written by Gavin Fields

Though it took years for cinema to develop as a legitimate ‘art form’ in the minds of the public audience, certain ubiquitous structures of the artistic landscape have been intrinsic within the fabric of the medium. Among the many examples of these structures, cinema has been used in the intellectual and intangible tradition of art as a messaging tool to challenge the status-quo. It’s quite common and often redundant within most cultures that comprise ‘world-cinema’, and the themes, frustrations, and articulations remain timeless. In every decade of American cinema, U.S. …

When the internet was born, it brought with it an endless frontier for mankind to explore. This unfamiliar landscape has and will continue to have its challenges and triumphs, but above all, it has nurtured our inherent sense of wonder. Its growth and proliferation have been so rapid and exciting that it’s almost hard to keep up. There is no doubt it is shaping the future, but where it will take us next is a complete mystery. The internet is a global community, and as it grows, we hope it continues to prove itself as a mighty tool for…

The Western is, perhaps, the oldest and most consistent genre in American film history. In 1903, Edwin S. Porter introduced and immortalized the generic form of the Western when he made his revolutionary short film, The Great Train Robbery. The film’s success preceded decades of Classical American hits that would evidently share structural similarities and narrative equilibrium which would come to define the Western, what would soon become the country’s most popular genre. In fact, from the turn of the century until the mid-60s, the Western encompassed almost a fifth of all feature Hollywood films. …

One of our favorite projects has been a period piece created for Associated General Contractors of America’s centennial anniversary. In order to represent the strong legacy AGC has cultivated over the past 100 years, we traveled all over the United States in order to re-create important moments in the development of the country. The video was made as an anthem to all construction workers in America — a celebration of what has been accomplished throughout history and what is to be accomplished in the future.

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