One Big Reason you Should Not Criticise MacBook Users

This guy saw me in the cafe with my new Macbook and iphone (I was using it as a hotspot) and said I must have more money than sense. Which is a bit disconcerning as I don’t have much money! For all of you who may be concerned about this guy’s health, don’t worry, this is England and he can get his physical injuries treated for free on the National Health.

This is one of the good things about the UK. Had this incident happened in the US, I would probably had felt the need to draw my gun and shoot the poor sod. As it was, I only had to punch the living daylights out of him.

Now, of course, there is no need for British people to gloat about their NHS service. It is underfunded, under-resourced and has many problems. It is a constant item in British politics with politicians arguing about funding the service (it would take a brave or foolish politician to argue against funding the NHS). This political shenanigans came to a head during the Brexit referendum; the leave campaign said that the country pays £350m per day to the EU (a lie) and that money would be spent on the NHS if the country left the EU. They have since denied saying this, even though it was written in big letters on the side of their campaign coach and billboard posters.

The reality is that the NHS is a fantastic service which seeks to maintain the health of the country’s citizens regardless of their earnings, savings and ability to pay. It is also, however, a black hole as far as finances are concerned and simply throwing money at it (even £350m each day) , is not going to fix its problems.

For sure, I would be the first to agree that underpaid front line staff should be better rewarded. I suspect, however, that any increase in pay is likely to go to ‘managers’ first (isn’t that always the way?). This would be quite galling as you can easily believe that much of the problem lies in the management of the NHS.

So sure, the management needs to be fixed but the process of fixing this is not going to improve the treatment of patients, which surely must be the priority.

Which makes me now feel a bit guilty, perhaps that poor guy will not get the treatment he needs. So let that be the moral of this story; don’t criticise MacBook users, unless your private medical insurance payments are up to date.

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