How Rubber Industry Expanding Business in Market

In global economy Indian rubber industry proliferating at higher speed along with the importance and strength. You will be stunned to know that India attains third largest position of consumer of natural rubber and one of the world’s largest rubber producer. Along with the 8–9% stable growth rate, expansion in capital market, increasing foreign exchange and in foreign direct investment ( FDI) India is rapidly growing economy world wide. In South India Chennai has acquired the best place for India Rubber Expo 2011 and has the high attentiveness of automobile production and the creation of medium and large industry. During the last few years rubber industry was unstable but then comparatively gaining the consistent growth rate of 6% annually and that is why over the years Indian rubber industry is impressively growing. 
According to some recorded facts -

1.About 6000 including 30 large scales, 300 medium scale and 5600 small and tiny units comprises the total size of Indian rubber industry. 
2. Geographically followed by Maharashtra and Punjab, Kerala is the leading rubber producer. 
3. Conclusively about 12000 crores is the annual turnover of India’s rubber industry. 
4. World wide the percentage of rubber production industry of India is the largest producer and third largest consumer. 
 5. According to market capitalization between 6 to 7 lakh ton annually India’s rubber production differs which amounts to rupees 3000 crores.

As you know the products made of rubber are more in demands like shoes, tires, belt, purse, latex, gum and many more while the consumption of rubber is being divided in various section like 12% in footwear, tires and tubes 15%, glue/laAbouttex products 7%, automotive tire sector 50% ,belt 6% and 10% including other products. The rubber producing industry in India divided in two zones i.e traditional ( Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, Districts of Kerala) and non traditional zone (Andhra Pradesh, Odessa, Goa, Karnataka, coastal regions, Andaman and Nicobar Island). 
There are many rubber and rubber products company in India including All India Rubber Industry Association(AIRIA), United Rubber Industry pvt ltd., Deesawala Rubber Industry. 
Deesawala Rubber Industry is India’s leading rubber products manufacturing company with an ISO 9001–2008. It specialized in Molded components like vibration pads, diaphragms, bellows, rubber rings, gaskets for water pipes and for heavy industry and many other products including the range of products and variety of molded products for construction and engineering companies.

This company has almost 20 years of experience for the rubber products manufacturing like Pipeline rubber gaskets, PVC encapsulated footsteps rungs, Dam gate, Gym floor rubber mats and sheets, PVC water stoppers, Bitumen mastic pads, Neoprene rubber sheets, Silicon rubber products and sheets, EPDM rubber beading and profiles, Paver rubber molds, Elastomeric bridge bearing pads, SAFO ISI electrical. In the area of rubber products Deesawala rubber industries have build up proficiency in these area. 
Their plants work with modern manufacturing technique which are calendering and mixing ejected components. With most powerful specification this company’s strength shows in manufacturing and design of products and also according to the quality requirement. Deesawala rubber industries is very much qualified in increasing modified solution to the most complicated problems, this company is so efficient that it tends to work hand in hand with their customers. 
It deals with procedure of developing products and solution that actually work. Its one of the manufacturing premises is in Hyderabad. EPDM, SBR, NR are the polymers manufactured by deesawala rubber industries and also for telecom, mining and cement it produces rubber products according to the customers requirement and identification like Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone and Viton. About
According to the flourishing business of rubber products in market it has powerful number of effects and deals as one of the driver of economic growth. The fastest leading Indian automotive industry manufactures a wide range of heavy, medium, heavy commercial vehicles, multi utility vehicles, three wheeler tractor and many other agriculture equipment.

The automotive sector has likely to increase its contribution to the country’s GDP from 5% to 10% Although it is being discovered that the automotive sector requires the investment from 11000 to 12000 crores per year.