An educational exercise

Illustration by Carmen Johns

I’m a marriage-minded individual. That means I believe in marriage. I believe so strongly in everlasting marriage that I’ve added this photoshopped image of my disembodied head surrounded by interlocked wedding rings; the word “marriage” in a fancy, romantic font; a glass of red wine; a bottle of red wine; a piece of sheet music (the “Wedding March”); and a random piece of red fabric tossed ever so seductively, to represent your panties. When I’m not thinking about marrying you, I’m out here trying to save these kids from the Streets. On my bucket list: Getting Married.

As I searched through some old files today, I came across the sketch below. I wrote it in March 2007, a few days after the New York City Council banned the use of the “n-word.” I don’t recall my specific motivations for writing this sketch, but I must have read about the ban, and, being a “Seinfeld” fan, I guess I was inspired. And it seems that actor Michael Richards’ racist tirade directed at a heckler the year before was also fresh on my mind.

I’m struck by several things, including the observation that in 2007, white people weren’t (to…

Deesha Philyaw

Mouthy. Fed up. Short story collection about Black women + sex + the Black church = THE SECRET LIVES OF CHURCH LADIES (Sept.2020)

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