The problem I have with memes

Before I extend myself my concern with memes, there are a couple of clarifications I need to make. The first being, the memes I refer to doesn’t include the ones which talk about students exam problems or drinking problems. It is about a much bigger picture than that, the ones that could really effect people. The second point is I totally understand the objective of a meme- it was meant to be a sarcasm and a jovial take on the issues.

Now that we are clear on the premise, here is my problem with the memes:

The biggest of the concerns I have is it’s ability to spread negativity without even taking conscious stock of it. Unlike most of the topics, there will be some which should not be discussed negatively about. Because, these topics could be an integral point of their lives. For instance, religion is something someone really follows from the time they were born and no one wants to be talked about it negatively.

The second concern is have is the level of sensitivity. Some of the memes I have seen recently were way beyond that threshold line of sensitivity. I am not talking about cricket matches or shopping problems. The ones that relate to society that it is scared of.

For instance, terrorism and discrimination are the challenges not subject to be ‘memed’. Because, how much ever the funny aspect you try to include into it, the topics never become funny.

The third concern I have is with the timing. The memes that were created to highlight a crisis that an individual (more often a celebrity) is going through in his/her life. It would be funny to pinpoint at the mistakes but the individual is already going through a mental havoc. This could as well be an aspect his life would depend on.

Obviously, there is no way we want to curb this using legality. It takes away the liberty of expression but every individual needs to take a conscious call on the level of sensitivity that he/she needs to account for while creating these memes. ‘Self-policing’ only could control some of the content that’s out there in the internet.

Hope the negativity could be controlled and the sensitivity bars raised.

Let’s protect the central objective of memes that is to spread fun and happiness but not hatred and negativity.

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