Deesse NFT Character Cards

Each of our Deesse Character Card has its special features and specific in-game role, which is well developed by the Deesse team based on years of experience in gaming and blockchain technology. This ensures each Character Card has uniqueness and collection value.

Before the game launch, NFT Character Cards (Card) can be staked for rewards that will be used in the public testing game soon. There are two major staking ways for all Deesse NFT holders.

1. Rarity Staking

Only R-level and above NFT can participate in staking, and N-level mystery box (with a random character) will be rewarded

2. Merge Staking

Only those with 4 or more NFTs of the same N-level can participate, giveaway N-level NFTs and In-Game Merge Gas Token.

After game launch, the game player needs at least one Card to start the game (four-six Card is preferred though as one Card won’t give any chance to win). Cards can be acquired by borrowing, purchasing, completion of the in-game tasks, participation in community events (Whitelist campaign), etc.

Each Card represents one Goddess character (out of 40), assumes one of four roles (warrior, mage, archer, assistant), comes from one of three mythologies camps (Japanese, Greek, and Nordic), and bears five rarity levels (N, R, SR, SSR to UR).

Players can upgrade the Card’s capabilities index by using wearables, equipment, gear, and other in-game items. Along with winning battles and advancement to a higher level, the Card will be leveled up, unlocking new skills or capabilities.

The most important strategy is to set up the battle line-up. You can choose to team up with different Cards (max six) in each battle and position them accordingly. The capability composition of team members and their position (two rows, three Cards in each) will determine the battle results. The character Card in the front row will suffer more damage. The player must adjust the Card’s position according to its role and capability index.

After the setup, players can click the battle button and enter the game. In the battle, you win the battle by killing all enemies within the specified turn. If all character Cards on your side die, or if you don’t kill all monsters within the specified turn, the battle is lost.

Check out a demo video here:

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Deesse is a new generation gamefi project. Advanced game features includes NFTs, avatar wearables, collectibles etc. Deesse community:

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Deesse is a new generation gamefi project. Advanced game features includes NFTs, avatar wearables, collectibles etc. Deesse community:

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