Get ready for your Interview with the perfect resume.

When it comes to resume, content is the key but with a bad layout your resume might end up in the rejection pile. We spoke with many HR’s and collected the best suggestions on how to design a perfect resume.

Importance of design and layout of a resume:

A great resume is about good content, whereas it’ll always be tempting to lit up your resume with fancy fonts and graphics, it’s far more compelling to use a clean and fuss-free style and layout.

  • Resumes with graphics and many columns don’t get through the Applicant tracking system (ATS), therefore a poorly-designed resume might not ever be seen by potential recruiters.
  • Fancy or hard-to-read fonts are distracting. Busy recruiters and employers who are hiring for many positions and are dealing with hundreds of resumes won’t read your resume favorably.
  • An aesthetically appealing, purposeful resume could be a reflection of who you are as a potential employee — it shows your professionalism.

This doesn’t mean you’re expected to come up with a knock-out resume style yourself, though you choose an easy resume template and design it on your own is the best way to go.

The ideal length of a resume:

Depending upon your work experience, your resume can extend from two to four pages in length. Concentrate on quality, not on quantity and by keeping your word count perfect. Describing what you’ve accomplished in your profession in as few words as possible will make your resume stand out.

Importance of the first page:

The primary page of your resume is your main asset, and utilizing two columns is a decent method to use this important space.

  1. Name & Contact Details

Your Name & contact details should be at the header. Using a large font can be an advantage for your name. Include your phone number and email address, and include location information so your resume is searchable for potential employers.

2. Personal Summary

Your outline on your resume should portray what your identity is, the reason you’re perfect for the job you’re applying for. It is needed to tailor your summary for your dream job and better limit it to three to four sentences.

3. Key Skills

Listing your skills in your resume is very important so that the potential employers while having a quick view at resumes your resume will stand out.

4. Education & Internships

Education, Training & Internship experiences are to be mentioned clearly along with the start and end dates/months. Your most recent qualifications must be mentioned first

5. Professional Work Experience

The most important part of the resume is your professional work experience. Your latest work experience comes first followed by your previous experiences.

The best way to present your work experience is to highlight the ‘position held’ at the beginning and followed by the company name and the duration of your employment which should include month & year. A summary of your position is and what you dealt with during the role etc., Adding your key responsibilities & achievements will make it easy to understand to the recruiter.

Last section of your resume:

After your work experience, there are two sections which can be included:

Interests and Hobbies

You can use this section to explain your interests outside of your work life. This might make the recruiters more curious about your profile and also if both of you have common interests the conversations might get very better.

Mentioning ‘References’ on the resume:

Mentioning a reference is both good as well as bad. It completely depends upon the situation and circumstances. If someone referred you to this position you can mention his/her name in the reference section or you can simply write “References are available upon request”.

In order to put up your resume on DEETDigital Employment Exchange of Telangana, go to the ‘Edit Profile’ section, and upload your resume in Doc or Pdf format.

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