How to create a recruiter profile on DEET?

Are you a recruiter looking to hire the most appropriate candidate for your organisation? Are you tired of looking over thousands of irrelevant candidate profiles on numerous Job search portals?

DEET — Digital Employment Exchange of Telangana

is going to change your entire experience of recruitment process from now on.

DEET is an innovative initiative launched by Government of Telangana to increase the employment opportunities of the state. DEET comes with an android and a web platform, where you can create your ‘Employer’ profile and start swiping to the most relevant job applications and candidates. DEET comes with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tech stack, which helps you comes across only relevant candidate profiles. Not only that, DEET is a one-in-all platform, where the entire recruitment process, starting from candidate selection to chatting with the candidate and scheduling interviews can happen.

I hope now you must be interested to create your profile and start recruiting for your organization. Let me help you with the process to create your profile on DEET.

Creating a profile on DEET is a simple quick few step process. Lets learn about them one by one.

  1. Sign Up Process

In order to start posting jobs and initiating the recruitment process, first step is to create an Employer account. Download DEET application from Play- Store and click on Sign Up option. Then you fill up the basic details like Name, Email, Phone Number, Password, Company Name and Your Role in the company.

You will receive a verification code on your number for account verification. This is necessary to assure valid credentials on the platform.

2. Create Company Profile

After you have created your account, you need to fill in some more details to create your company profile such as your Company’s Contact Number, Website, Company Size, Location, Establishment Type, Choose Industry, Founded Month and Year, About the Company, Company GST (Optional), Company PAN Number, Company Street Address, Company Certificate (Optional) and Social Media (Optional).

Your profile is now ready. You can start posting jobs right away.

3. Post a Job

To post a job, you can click on the ‘Create Job’ button on your dashboard.

Then you need to fill in some basic details about the Job such as Job Information — Job title, Job function and Location, Educational Qualification required, Job Type — Part time, Full time, Internship or Contract based, Experience in years (3 years maximum range), Salary details, Job description (minimum 300 characters) and Number of Vacancies. If you wish to keep the salary details hidden, just slide the ‘Hide Salary Range’ to right.

That’s it. You are good to go!

Lets look into how the process of recruitment works on DEET.

After creating a job, the Job post is kept pending when the admin team verifies the details posted by the recruiter and then it becomes active. Then recruiter can see list of relevant candidates on the dashboard. Also the relevant candidates will be able to view the Job post. If a successful match happens, i.e. both the recruiter and candidate shows interest into each other by swiping right, then they can chat with each other in a built-in In-App messenger. Now the recruiter can schedule an Interview from the application which will be notified to the candidate. A selection or rejection will complete the process with the candidate.

Here is a snippet video to help you understand how to select a candidate. Swipe, Match, Chat, Schedule Interview and Quick Hire.

In case you find any trouble, you can let us know by mailing us on our mail We promise to get your queries solved within 24 hours.

DEET — Digital Employment Exchange of Telangana

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DEET -The solution to all your recruitment problems! DEET is an initiative from the Govt. of Telangana started to increase employment opportunities in the state

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