How to create your profile on DEET? — for Jobseeker.

Creating profile on DEET is a quick 3-step process where you fill-in your credentials and you are good to go. However, it gets tricky when it comes to filling up appropriate details for your Job search. Be it a part-time or full-time job, or an Internship, filling up the proper details is necessary to find most relevant jobs which compliments your skills and educational qualifications.

Now, getting into details, let me explain the 3 basic steps to create your profile:

  1. Sign Up Process

After downloading DEET application from Play store, you need to complete the Sign Up process. Create your account by providing basic details like your name, email, phone number, date of birth, location, gender and create a password for yourself. You will get a verification code on your number for account verification. After you have created your account, you need to fill in some more details such as Educational Qualification, Work Experience, Job Type and Expected Salary. While filling all the details, you should be careful with the following points:

  • Location — Update your current location.
  • Educational Qualification — If you wish to apply for Internship or Part time Job, you can update your current pursuing degree, otherwise if you wish to go for Full time Job, you will have to put your last completed degree.
  • Work Experience — If you have a work experience previously, you can put the duration of your employment here.
  • Job Type — Here you will have to select what type of Job you want to apply for. There are four options namely, Part time Job, Full time Job, Internship and Contract Based. You can select multiple Job Types too if you want to.
  • Expected Salary — Select a range for your expected salary from this menu which ranges from 0.0 Lakh to 50.0 Lakhs.

2. Select the Job Categories

Now, you need to select the Job Domains you wish to work in. There are 90+ Job Categories you can choose from, however you can select up to 5 Job Categories at maximum. So you need to be very clear about the Job Role you wish to work for. Find jobs in various Job Categories such as Accounting, Advertising, Analytics, Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Arts & Photography, Automobile, Banking, Business Development, Customer Support, Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Management, Finance, E-commerce, Education, Graphic Design, Healthcare & Life sciences, HR, Insurance, Internet of things, IT, KPO, Legal, Logistics, Maintenance, Medical, Pharma, Projects, Public Relations & Media, Quality Management, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Research, Robotics, Sales and Marketing, Service Delivery, Sports, Supervisor, Supply Chain Management, Telesales, Textile, Travel & Tourism, and many more.

3. Choose your Skills

Now comes the most crucial step in your profile creation procedure. In the Add Skills section, you are supposed to fill all the skills possessed by you, relevant to your Educational Qualification or the Job Category you are applying for. You have to select minimum 3 skills and you can select up to 60 skills. Be very careful while updating your skills. Only select those skills which you actually have, otherwise it will affect your recruitment process. You will be able to see relevant Jobs which matches your skills. Try to update as many skills you have as possible to have the maximum probability of getting closer to your dream Job. You will find some relevant skills as per your Job Category selection in the screen. You can select from those options or you can also select skills by searching the same from the search bar.

Now, You are good to go! Your profile is now created and you will be able to see the relevant jobs on your dashboard.

Now the most important question is “How to apply for Jobs?” So here is your answer. After you have created your profile, you will see cards mentioning Job description, matching your profile. You can view into the description by clicking into the Job card. If you are interested to apply for the Job, you can swipe right to apply for the Job. However, if you do not want to apply on the Job, you can swipe left. You will be able to see the next Job after you have swiped either right or left.

Here is a snippet video to explain how the process works —

Process to apply for the Job on DEET - swipe Right on the Job you want to apply for, or swipe left otherwise.
Process to apply for the Job on DEET - swipe Right on the Job you want to apply for, or swipe left otherwise.

In case you find any trouble, you can let us know by mailing us on our mail We promise to get your queries solved within 24 hours.

DEET — Digital Employment Exchange of Telangana

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DEET -The solution to all your recruitment problems! DEET is an initiative from the Govt. of Telangana started to increase employment opportunities in the state

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