How to make your self compatible with the recruiters?

There will be a point in your career when you’ll be required to work with outside recruiters. You should know that the senior-level searches are mostly done by executive recruiters to access the largest pool of candidates. Even mid-level or entry-level searches with very specific requirements may be done by recruitment agencies where the recruiter’s expertise and area network are taken into an advantage or simply because internal HR remain busy handling existing employees, rather than the recruiting. So even though relationships with direct hiring managers are crucial. It will be ideal to have recruiter relationships.

Let us learn how recruiting works.

There are two kinds of organizations, one is Contingent and the other one is Retained. Contingent recruiters are only paid if a candidate they present before the organization for the required position is hired. Retained recruiters are paid to handle the search, regardless of where the final hire is sourced. Some firms also do both retained and contingent work.

To have your revered job position, you need to maintain a robust relationship with your recruiter. They are the ones who have all the insight market news, connections with the companies and all the latest information about the fresh jobs released in the market which might suit your preferences. So if you already have a recruiter or are looking for such, you can always grasp these points for better compatibility with the recruiter.

> Be Precise: Make yourself clear before the recruiter about your expected salary, preferred job positions and desired job location, so that whenever the recruiter searches jobs for you they will be sorted about your preferences.

> Be Receptive: React quickly whenever you receive a message or receive a call from the recruiter. Call back if necessary to check on the latest update by him on the jobs. It might be for good reasons like a job offer or a position to be filled immediately. So always be responsive and available for the recruiter.

>Be Attentive: While the recruiter is investing time in your job search, be attentive and respect his contribution. They usually don’t have much time to focus on each person because they have other clients whom they are working for, so if you have any updates or suggestions or questions, approach the recruiter immediately so that he can guide you and suggest the best possible solution.

> Be Accessible: If the recruiter calls you in the middle of the day and asks you to attend an interview, you need to be available for the same.

> Be Proactive: Hiring a recruiter won’t get you your desired job. If you’re deliberate for being hired, or if you are unemployed, then don’t just rely on the recruiters. Start looking for jobs and opportunities from your side also.

> Stay in touch: You hire recruiters on a contract basis but if you are willing to get updates about the opportunities later on also, then stay in touch with the recruiter even after the contract period.

> Be Planned: Before hiring a recruiter, make sure that you have a great resume planned with all the skills mentioned and all the qualifications you have achieved.

> Be Momentous: Be ready to accept or deny any job offer, based on your preferences. The most devastating thing you can do to an opportunity is to make it wait. So whatever opportunity comes across decide on it quickly because if you delay, you might lose them and the offer will expire.

> Be Open: Your recruiter may offer you an opportunity that does not fit in your preferences,however, it might be a good step for your future career. So, in this case, you need to be open to opportunities that you haven’t even pictured yourself in yet.

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