Professional Skills you need to have for a better career.

While kick-starting your new career, you have to have some skills regardless of your academic curriculum and these skills are known as Professional Skills. Professional skills will help you squeeze-into your dream job in a better and professional way. These skills will also help you in leveling-up your potential to contribute more in a better efficient way to your organization.

When you sign up on DEET after downloading the application from the Play store, you will be asked to fill in your skills while creating your profile. It is important for you to understand what set of professional and technical skills you should possess in order to be the best-suited candidate for the job that you swiped right on DEET.

The 10 Basic-Important Professional Skills:


As being motivated is important in our personal lives, similarly, we need to stay motivated in our professional life as well. During your career, you might face circumstances that will let you down or will not be in your favor, but if you stay motivated no matter how bad the situation is, you will fight for it. This will not only benefit you but also the people around you thus creating a positive atmosphere.


Being creative is like being new. People today search for new and advanced things every day. They imagine new things daily and being creative is putting those imaginations into reality. Even though this skill is owned by everyone but only a few know how to implement it.


This skill is as dominated as it has to be important. Being in an organization, dealing with new people, interacting with colleagues, etc. and especially if you have people working under your guidance, you will have to take charge and responsibility to perceive, use, understand and manage their emotions effectively, which in turn will benefit the organization.


This skill requires us to inculcate a few other skills like Creativity, Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making. You might come across different types of problems and you might not have a pre-determined solution for it. So to tackle such problems you need to develop advanced Problem-solving Skills.


Professional flexibility involves molding your expectations and demands as per the situation calls and modifying the approach towards the situation.


This skill is mainly important for the Managers or the people who are assigned to manage and cooperate with other members of the organization. People management skills usually need skills like Communication, Motivation, and Leadership. This skill ensures a healthy and productive organization.


For few, leadership comes naturally. For others, it may be tough. To make people believe in you and your decisions is what will make you a good leader. Having good leadership quality requires good Knowledge, Flexibility, and Tenderness to adapt to all upcoming circumstances.


This skill is another under-rated or unintroduced for the beginners entering the business world. But people having a legitimate amount of experience in the field can explain to you the importance of it. This skill is required to crack deals and convince people.


Influence can either be a good influence or a bad influence. But we also have Business Influencing Skills which is inter-related to Negotiation Skills because both require a good set of Communication Skills. Influencing Skills are deliberately used in all aspects such as influencing customers to buy your product, influencing your senior managers about your opinion among many others.


When you work in an organization, you have many people working along with you and they bring a lot of different opinions and points of view. But being a manager or head of any organization you need to consider other person’s point of view as well and understand their opinion and then react, which will satisfy your co-members and will give them the belief to work with you later on, which in turn will bring a positive work culture in your organization.

Writer- Vidisha Solanki

DEET — Digital Employment Exchange of Telangana

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DEET -The solution to all your recruitment problems! DEET is an initiative from the Govt. of Telangana started to increase employment opportunities in the state

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