Unable to find Jobs on DEET? Find out why.

So you found DEET application on Playstore and created your profile as a Jobseeker. Now you are all set to swipe for your dream job. But wait, What! You are not getting any Job to swipe on. A blank screen showing “New Jobs Everyday” is all you are looking at. Or, you may have got few jobs to swipe, and now the list has ended for you.

Well, this scenario is not very uncommon but there is a reason for this. DEET helps you find your dream job by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, where only relevant jobs matching your skills and educational qualification will be shown to you, thereby landing you on the best jobs made for you. Sometimes, when relevant jobs are not present on the platform which matches your profile, you won’t find jobs on your dashboard.

However, some ways can help you to see new Jobs posted on DEET.

  1. Update your profile.

You can update your profile or edit your details from the ‘Edit Profile’ section. When you created your profile, you were asked to fill your Job-Functions and Skills in your profile. Its time for you to make changes to your selection. One of the things you should know is that the recruiters love the candidates who possess more relevant skills for the Job-Functions they have applied for. For instance, suppose you are applying for a Sales and Marketing Job, you should mention relevant skills such as Client Delivery, Cold Calling, Data Analytics, End to End Sales, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Strategy, Sales, Strategic Business Strategies, Strategic Sales Plan, Strategic Selling, WordPress, On-call Support, etc.

Also, you should know that you can mention a maximum of 5 Job categories in which you want to work for. You can also update your skills to a maximum of up to 60. It’s better to choose several options to get the maximum number of Job opportunities.

2. Be active on Announcements.

DEET has an amazing feature called the ‘Broadcast’ section where you can find all the ‘Announcements’ which will give you an idea about various companies that are hiring on DEET, their Job function and skill requirements. You will also get notifications for Government Jobs Alerts among others. All you need to do is to update your profile according to the skills and Job function mentioned in the Announcements to view the Job. However, if you do not possess the skills mentioned in the Job description, do not edit your profile unnecessarily.

3. Look out for new skills.

It’s always great to keep yourself inclined towards learning new skills and interests. Whenever you learn a new skill, you have upgraded yourself and increased your chances of getting closer to your dream job. Follow the new changes & upgrades in Technology and learn the Professional skills that are high in demand for companies and industries. This will help you fetch Jobs quickly and will help you in your overall career development.

In case you need any help related to your profile on DEET, you can always mail us at help@tsdeet.com. We will be glad to help you with your queries.

DEET — Digital Employment Exchange of Telangana

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DEET -The solution to all your recruitment problems! DEET is an initiative from the Govt. of Telangana started to increase employment opportunities in the state

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