Ways to grow your career.

A growing career is a healthy career.

We keep growing in life, simultaneously we need to grow in our job/career as well. Where you are today is a contemplation of the journey you have had so far. Your future will be contemplated by the journey you plan today.

The ways to your future are based on your commitment to learning new things and will to follow a new culture. You need to open-up from your cluster and welcome new opportunities. Because if you stay where you are, you will end up staying there forever and others will surpass you. Only if you open-up your boundaries of what you are doing and learn what’s new, you will see new opportunities coming up that can lead your career to the top.

You need to be open to learning new things because the world is developing every day and you need to keep up with that pace. Knowing more than your competitor has become a major competitive advantage in every industry because it is essential to stay on top of things. Knowing all these, people still feel stuck because they have to squeeze time out of their tight schedules and make time for learning new things.

The only solution is leaning towards advanced technologies and mobile accessibility. With these in hand, you don’t have to take out a different hour for learning. You can spare a little time every day to learn new things and develop opportunities for your career.

These basic tips will help you grow your career without adjusting too much with your schedule.

  1. Choose your break: Choose the ‘new’ you want to learn. It can either be related to your current career stream or for your future growth, choose prudently. Get access to your course through a portable podium so that you don’t have to take a classroom session and make out a different time-table for it. Selecting a portable platform will make your learning easy and hassle-free by being accessible when and where ever you want. You just need to take advantage of your breaks. If you’re traveling in a metro or cab and just listening to music or using Instagram to pass your time on your way home, you can utilize this time to learn. You can watch a video or listen to a podcast or audiobook which will save your time and won’t cost you extra time to learn.
  2. Venture your weekends: Hanging around and watching Netflix is not the only way to spend weekends, right? Getting away from work on weekends is fine but weekends are all about catching up on things that you missed doing on the weekdays. So why just waste all weekend on Netflix and chill, you can squeeze time here and there when others in your household are out and about, and you have a quiet moment. It’s the perfect opportunity to pull up your platform and learn something new.
  3. Implement while you learn: As you learn new things daily, start implementing them alongside, because learning is just the theoretical part of growing, you need to be able to apply practical knowledge also because ultimately you have to do what you have learned. Jotting down things while your learning will improve the outcome.
  4. Keep an eye: While learning, a mentor or teacher is the one who keeps an eye on you, to check if you are on the right track if you deviating from your goal but while learning on a digital platform the mentor/teacher is a virtual concept. So to achieve your goal you need to keep an eye on yourself, you shouldn’t cheat yourself. If you can’t keep an eye on your moves then you can ask your trustworthy friend or your spouse or a person who stays with you most of the time and who can give you honest feedback. A regular reality check can keep you and your objective on the trail.

P.S: Always remember “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential. These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence and career growth.”

DEET — Digital Employment Exchange of Telangana

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DEET -The solution to all your recruitment problems! DEET is an initiative from the Govt. of Telangana started to increase employment opportunities in the state

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