6 Tools that Help You Succeed on Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest social media networks grossing over 135,000 new users daily, you can hardly ignore twitter for social media marketing. While there are a lot of twitter tools that may suit various purposes only a few increase productivity. These are the tools I recommend to help you succeed on twitter just like the Pros

ManageFlitter — Manage flitter is an amazing tool for discovering tailored twitter followers

  • Provides you with twitter analytics for tracking followers and unfollowers
  • Search twitter bios to discover users that are interested in your niche
  • Competitor analysis and follower analysis
  • Contrast your twitter relationships
  • Other Alternatives: Social Bro

Mention — Want to listen in on twitter real time? This is the tool for you

  • Listen in on brand discussions and conversions about your brand on twitter
  • Track and assign teams for projects
  • keep in touch with sentiments about your brand on twitter
  • monitor specific hashtags
  • Other Alternatives: Social Mention

Crowdfire — Heard of that famous tool that allows you steal followers from your competitors? Here’s how you too can use it

  • Grow followers
  • Track daily unfollowers and unfollow suit if you please
  • Prune out inactive followers
  • Whitelist users you never want to unfollow
  • Monitor daily followers and unfollowers from your phone
  • Other Alternatives: Unfollowers.me

TweetDeck — The Ultimate twitter tool by Twitter for Twitter

  • Monitoring twitter interactions and hashtag tracking
  • Manage various twitter streams for optimum engagement
  • Real time streaming of twitter feed
  • Free scheduling
  • Other alternatives: Buffer, Hootsuite

Klear — If you’re not a big fan of KLOUT like myself then this is the tool for you. This is my go to tool for finding the right influencers to connect in my niche. Best used for Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer analytics and marketing
  • Competitor analysis — see what’s working and what’s not and develop your strategy
  • Find your close network and build your tribe on twitter
  • Social listening and monitoring
  • Other alternatives: Klout

Tweriod — Its not enough to just send out tweets, this tool helps optimize your best posting times for when your followers are most likely to be active on twitter. The best part is that you can integrate this tool with scheduling tools like Buffer.

  • Calculate twitter best posting times
  • Find times when your followers are most likely active
  • Discover best times to tweet

Do you know any other tools for killing it on Twitter? please share by leaving a Comment below