If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

I am an independent voter and a Sanders supporter, and I am voting for Clinton in November because I still support Sanders and I agree with his endorsement of Clinton. I have caught plenty of heat from “Bernie or Bust” friends who have switched their position to Stein, and I have debated with them. I have to say that I think your article is as offensive, factless, and divisive as they get. I understand your frustration with 3rd party voters, trust me. It has been hard for me not to point out to many of my Bernie or Bust friends just how far their heads are lodged up their own asses. But to call them selfish and to claim that they don’t care about the issues, and to do it using false Millennial-esque stereotypes, is insulting to everyone. Stein voters are idealists rather than realists. That’s their only problem. They absolutely do care about everything they claim to; they are simply frustrated with this circus of an election and are too quick to swallow false rhetoric about Clinton to justify their frustration. They’re misguided, not malicious. Perhaps you should check your own frustrations before you write an article insulting a group of people who share much of the same political ideals as you do. All you’re doing is alienating and further dividing the platform against Trump, so in your own way, you’re contributing to his campaign as much as the people you just demonized. Congratulations.

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