I watched 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless Black man outside Twitter HQ
Chaédria LaBouvier

When I first saw this a day ago — I was so sick … and I knew I needed to say something useful, but I couldn’t. Now, I am coming from the standpoint — of how to address this disgusting act of police brutality effectively -

(I am not weighing in on the obvious fact that black lives are THE target of the police … because all I could say — has been said by previous commenters)

My thoughts -

  • I was wondering if this man was a veteran of one our country’s wars. I thought this because 1) He was missing a leg; 2) He looked like he could have been homeless. In 2014–49,933 veterans were counted as homeless. Homeless veterans

If this man is a veteran — then a whole other group of people (activist veterans) would most likely band with you concerning this.

  • Obviously he is disabled — and at one point, there was a very strong activist community that fought for the rights of disabled individuals, particularly in Berkeley.
    Here is a link to a lawyer who is a Disability Rights Advocate .

Most likely, though, if you ever were able to find this man, he would just want to be left alone and in peace. There is no doubt he is still traumatized. And is doubtful that he has any family or friends who could truly support him to get over this. Does one ever get over such a thing? It is really heartbreaking and a travesty that this could occur in mid-day on a busy street with tons of people watching and the SF police just carrying on casually and calmly with this brutality.