CNA: Unusual News Week!

We are back with Current News Assignment and this week’s is on unusual news! You know I love New York and this is best for the topic so let us start with there.

TOPLESS WOMEN CONTROVERSY: A Message to Parents visiting Times Square

Someone has created a whole post on the nudity found in New York, preferably Times Square. But rather than what most may think, the person was actually defending it and telling the readers that they should merely deal with it. The author believes that the nudity is a form of art that is being expressed and any resistance to it may more than likely be due to gender inequality.

Overdue Books Returned To Library, 52 Years Later

As the headline says, an anonymous person returned two books back to the Portland State University Library 52 years after being overdue. The librarians do not charge late fees anymore nor had any need for the books but were grateful. The note from the anonymous person stated, “outdated — yes — but I’ll let you decide their fate now.”

Couple Prolongs Police Standoff To Have Sex ‘One Last Time’

A couple that was being pursued for robbery ran into a mobile home where they not only held three different people hostage, but they also would not leave until they were allowed to have sex one last time with each other. Apparently they had an audience for their final time. They were detained and convicted shortly after.

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