DEFCON 201 AFK Social Night — Grove Street, Jersey City — September 30th

Starting Location Hub: Grove Street PATH Station

Date: Saturday, September 30th

Time: 7:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight

Facebook: TBA

Welcome to the first ever DEFCON 201 AFK Social Night!

For those of you who do not know, AFK means “Away From Keyboard”. It’s normally used as a way to separate internet happenings with in person shenanigans but for us it has a whole new meaning. Our normal meet ups have been focused on projects, talks, workshops and online action. To change things up we wanted to create a meet up where people can relax, get to know each other better, explore New Jersey more and give people who can’t come to our normal meet up a new venue of interaction.

So every so often, we plan on doing AFK Social Meet Ups!

In September, our first AWK Social Night will explore Grove Street in Downtown, Jersey City. All you need to do is take the PATH Station train right to it, exit directly into the park where around 7:00 PM we will be gathered around benches.

At around 7:40 PM we will be all over the place so if you do not see us there, here are a list of hot spots we want to highlight:

Word Bookstore and Cafe is our local indie (and only) bookstore. Cozy on up to a range of topics and styles, many are radically charged and enjoy some great coffee. We might also be doing something DEFCON-ish at this bookstore so stay tuned for future announcements!

Between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM, a bunch of us are most likely going to head to Helen’s Pizza, the only pizza and sandwich shop that accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin! If you need to buy or pull out cryptofunds, there is a 24-hour Bitcion ATM right next door!

The Pet Shop is a local alternative bar that has free WiFi, affordable drinks and supports anything crazy. This is why they are supporting us a big way! Pet Shop is kindly donating two tables reserved for DEFCON 201 Members from 9:40 PM until 12:00 Midnight. We will have locksport stuff provided by TOOOL and a Nintendo Switch video game system for people to play around with as well as card/board games and other forms of fun! For our Vegan members, the bar’s food menu is entirely veggie. Also note, this is a BAR so you WILL have to be 21+ to enter.

These are the main locations we will be hitting up but are not the only ones. People are free to explore many of the other shops and venues such as the Barcade, Yogert Shop, Locks, Thai-Japanese Food, LGBTQ, Tattoo Parlors, Dives, Themed Restaurants and others. May of these locations we have vetted will have our fliers marking them. Watch our social media, mainly our Twitter for updates on our adventures!

You can bring things to work on or not, just make sure to bring yourself, a few bucks and have some fun with us crazy hax0rs!

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