Thanks for the comment!
Abhi Aiyer

Thanks. I have a small webapp we built with Meteor and am evaluating options, just as you did. The view layer is being written in React and that’s the easy part. Moving to Redux is a bit more work.

How did you manage the transition to Apollo/GraphQL? Are you using the same backend db (in out case Mongodb) and if so how much code did you have to write for the translation layer, GraphQL server etc? This seems very non-trivial.

We also see perf improvement by using Redis for change detection vs opog tailing which makes pubsub faster and more robust.

I’ve been following Apollo but still don’t see a production grade solution which is reactive and can be used with an existing hosted db. All the examples talk of writing tons of code via express to interface with a db and write your own resolvers/fetchers etc. It seems you need a big team for this?

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