You have beautifully humanized the people who follow someone deplorable out of sheer desperation.
Nicole J. Butler

I agree with most of what you said about the american dream dieing. My dad was a teacher in the same school district for 35 years. My Mom work the only career she had for 30 years. Our generation (I am 52) is one of the last generations that has seen both sides and we long for what it use to be.

To blame the “orange charleton” is downright wrong and ill conceived. The other candidate….what has SHE done in 30 years in PROFESSIONAL Politics?. The current POTUS has doubled the budget in 8 years….almost 20 TRILLION dollars?.

People are sick and tired of the professional politics that have been in D.C. so long, they probably are closer to when the declaration of independence was signed than most people have been alive. I vote for term limits for all of D.C.

Trump is giving us hope in the future of a once great america again like your Dad knew and worked in….as well as my parents. What Hillary is promising us is MORE of the same. She shakes you with the RIGHT hand all the while holding a knife in the left to stab you.

If the GOP that we conservatives put in off did their job when we put them there, Trump wouldn’t have run for president.

As for me……I will trust my future in a guy that will fight for us instead of living the “samo samo” rhetoric.

P.S. Nice pictures!

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