I’m a programmer. Developer. There are millions developers like me. But there’s something really weird about developers. No matter how many developers are there, there’s still hunger for more. Sometimes it looks like even if there were billions of developers it would still not be enough.

Programmers, developers can program pretty much anything. From a website like this one, to Skynet that may eventually wipe out the whole human race. What’s probably even more worrying is that the scarcity of developers make developers weapons themselves.

What I mean by that is that all companies nowadays need developers but there’s just that many of them. If you want your business to expand, innovate are just want to stay afloat, you need them.

And here comes my conspiracy theory. The big companies are not only hiring the top developers because they're busy doing something really special. They hire them just to deprive the market and more importantly their competitors of developers. It's really easy. If you're Google, Facebook or a big multinational you can pay wages like no other. And when all the good developers work for you (or at least the majority of them) you can be sure the competition hasn't got a chance.

PS: I'm not a good developer, yet Google tried to hire me — twice.