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Even as you confront a lawful offence accusation in Ohio, despite everything you have rights — and all it takes to best declare them is having the best possible criminal protection lawyer next to you. Serving Columbus, Delaware, Franklin County and the whole Ohio State, The Rutan Law Firm furnishes you with the vital legitimate help to shield the criminal allegations levelled against you. Regardless of whether it includes a DUI or an OMVI offence, a medication-related charge or a graver lawful offence; a criminal allegation will have a genuine effect on your individual and reputation.

Attorney John Philip Milton Rutan is the Managing Attorney and Founder of Rutan Law. Rutan Law was opened up in November 2010. His legal career begins in 2002 while attending a paralegal school in downtown Columbus Ohio. In 2007 John began law school at The University of La Verne in Ontario California. Before coming to Ohio John concluded his law clerking and paralegal experience in the Public Defender’s office in San Diego California giving him a variety of experiences. John is admitted to practice law in Ohio State Court and in the United States District Court, Southern District of Ohio.

At whatever point you have a warrant for your capture, you will have a couple of alternatives. Hold up till you get caught by the police, hand yourself over, or contact a lawyer. Procuring an attorney at these imperative stages is basic. On the off chance that you sit tight for the police to lift you up it could bring about an expansion safeguard since it exhibits a flight chance. By contracting a legal advisor it gives the Court instigate that you are not a flight chance since you have held a private direction and plan to guard your rights. By holding The Rutan Law firm ahead of time of such hearing, we actually take a seat with each customer to get all the fundamental data to adopt them under the watchful eye of the court, address the adequacy of confirmation and why they are not a flight chance or a peril to the individual or group. Before you turn yourself in or get picked up involuntarily, contact my office so I can help minimize the amount of time you spend in jail, if any.
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