The ERC20 token standard was groundbreaking and led to the 2017 bull run. Its key power was based on allowing anyone who knew solidity to issue a token on the Ethereum blockchain. It was also a key building block of what would later be known as DeFi.

Once anyone who knew solidity could issue a token, liquidity was needed for all of these new ERC20s. Enter Bancor and later Uniswap with a solution allowing a Smart Contract to function as an Automated Market Maker (AMM). …

Advantages of using BTC on ETH

In the last 2–3 years, we have witnessed the birth of various DeFi projects created specifically to bring Bitcoin to the Ethereum blockchain. While until a while ago this task might have seemed impossible, lately it has been gaining more and more ground, reaching levels of liquidity never seen before.

Bitcoin is a truly innovative coin that has changed the world since its birth, but its classic version has several weaknesses that have been subsequently improved in the new blockchains. To quote an industry expert, Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum): “Think of the difference between something like a pocket calculator…

Oracles in DeFi World

DeFi protocols need oracles: without them, they are not able to get all the data necessary to function properly.

The tools used in DeFi are in fact decentralized, and to remain so they need the data that they use to not be provided by centralized sources, which could falsify, tamper with, modify or hide the information. In addition, the smart contracts on which they are based exist only on the blockchain, and can only access the data available on the blockchain itself.

The solution involves oracles, which are used by DeFi protocol smart contracts as sources of data external to…


There is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for margin trading that strives to offer the same user experience as a centralized exchange, both in terms of order execution speed, liquidity and spreads.

It is called DMEX and is inspired by BitMEX, to the extent that it seems to have very little difference with its famous competitor. The main difference is that, being decentralized, it is also non-custodial, which means that funds remain in the full and exclusive possession of the users, while on centralized exchanges like BitMEX users must entrust the custody of their funds to the trading platform.

Generally speaking…

The Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain are incompatible with each other, and can’t communicate with each other. That is, transactions recorded on one are not visible on the other, including smart contracts. Many DeFi projects are based on the Ethereum blockchain, whereas BTC continues to be the most attractive and used crypto-asset in the world.

For this reason, many projects were created to “bring” bitcoin to the Ethereum blockchain. These are essentially initiatives that create an ERC-20 token that replicates the value of BTC, allowing it to be traded on Ethereum as if it were bitcoin for all intents and purposes.

WBTC (Wrapper Bitcoin)

DeFi 2020

There are many DeFi projects that are flourishing this year. Excluding those that are still in the research phase, or pre-launch development, there are some that are already demonstrating their strength and potential.

To tell the truth, only a few DeFi projects have already been operating properly for a few years in the decentralized finance markets, while many more are emerging now as this sector is attracting an increasing number of users. But let’s look at the 7 DeFi projects that have grown the most in these first months of 2020, and are performing better this year.


Cryptocurrency — and the underlying technology which powers it — continues to shake things up for traditional finance. In step with these innovations, we’re launching an entirely new system that links a personal debit card, the Eidoo Card, to your decentralized Eidoo wallet.

Open finance and the economy of cryptocurrency will never be the same.


Digital currencies based on distributed ledger or blockchain infrastructure have already attracted users for their fast and cost effective settlements. In one case, $468 million worth of bitcoin was transferred for a “fee” of less than $400! …

Monitor your DeFi Investments

In February 2020, the DeFi market exceeded a total value of one billion dollars thanks to the growing ecosystem of DeFi platforms populating it, each with unique, heterogeneous and complementary services, as well as daily active users who invest their assets diversifying their crypto portfolio in different ways.

Clearly, as the system itself grows, there is an increasing need for a suitable infrastructure that functions as a strong framework able to sustainably support the rapid expansion of the new financial products that are continuously introduced in the market as well as the needs of the users involved.

For this reason…

Twitter & DeFi

With around five billion visitors every month, Twitter ranks among the leading social media giants, with a focus on information and communication covering every possible topic, from the least to the most important. A place where famous people have a say, from entertainment to politics. Followed every day by millions of people, some of them are able to influence the real economy and the world around us with only two lines of text published on their profile.

A glaring example is Trump’s tweets, able to move the stock exchanges as waves do with sand.

With regard to the DeFi world…

There are several interfaces, or dashboards, that allow accessing DeFi services in order to take advantage of their benefits and offers. One of these is InstaDApp, an intuitive interface optimized for users who have no particular technical or financial experience.

It is basically a smart wallet specifically designed to use decentralized finance services, thanks to which it is possible to perform complex activities, such as lending, leveraging, swaps, in a simplified way. … Staff

DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the crypto space. Stay Tuned for Updates, be part of the future!

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