DDAO Token Distribution Auction Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool on Copper

DeFi Hunters DAO is thrilled to share that we will be using Balancer’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools to conduct a Token Distribution Auction on the Copper Launch Platform. The DDAO token Auction will take place on January 14th, 9AM GMT+3 and end on January 15th, 3PM GMT+3.

DDAO Smart Contract on Polygon: 0x90F3edc7D5298918F7BB51694134b07356F7d0C7

DDAO Token Distribution

Token Distribution Auction on Copper

2.1 million DDAO tokens will be distributed via the Token Distribution Auction via Copper Launch Platform. The Auction will run for 36 hours, starting from 9AM GMT+3 January 14th, and ending at 3PM GMT+3 January 15th.

DDAO Token Distribution Auction Key Parameters

An LBP is not like a regular Balancer pool. The DDAO token price will start at high $0.57 to disincentivize bots, front-running, and speculation. Over time, the price will automatically decrease by design if no one buys.

What to Prepare

In advance, please prepare a compatible wallet and accepted cryptocurrencies. Compatible wallets include MetaMask, Gnosis Safe, WalletConnect or Ledger. Accepted cryptocurrencies include USDC, WETH, ETH and DAI.

Participation Steps

To review, when an individual completes a trade, the demand will cause the DDAO token price to increase. When no trades are made, prices will gradually decrease. The DDAO token price will start at $0.57 and gradually decrease if no buys occur. Individuals can freely purchase DDAO tokens at any price they deem appropriate, and the price will settle as the market finds the most suitable fit.

How-To guide

  1. Go to: https://polygon.copperlaunch.com/
  2. Connect a wallet that is compatible with the platform.

3. Select the amount of DDAO tokens you would like to buy.

a) Click “Approve”. You will note there is a prompt to allow Copperlaunch to spend your tokens of choice (we accept ETH, WETH, USDC and DAI).

b) Once you have been approved, you will be able to click “Swap”.

4. Once you have swapped, wait for the transaction confirmation on the Polygon blockchain. You will then receive DDAO tokens in your wallet.

About DeFi Hunters DAO

DeFi Hunters DAO powered by Pro Blockchain Media and nftindex.tech

Pro Blockchain Media is one of the biggest Media in the Russian-speaking community, with more than 200K followers. The primary media resource is the YouTube channel, with 171K viewers.

The membership at the DAO gives access to the entire ecosystem: smart investing, training and education, lifestyle and culture, top NFTs, events, and community management.


DeFi Hunters DAO Fund’s goal is to invest in projects in the early stage (seed, private, etc.). The allocation amount depends on the direct agreement with a company and can range from $100.000 to $1.000.000.


Members of the DAO collectively buy top NFT arts and lands in the metaverse.

Game Guild

Industry experts (Yield Guild Games, Crypto Gaming United) build a portfolio of the top game assets that generate revenue for DAO.

Yield Farming Fund

DAO participants can earn returns from placing their cryptocurrency assets in various Farming strategies.

Accelerator Program

The projects can submit applications to DAO Fund. We offer them an investment in the early stage of development and our community’s support.


Academy includes various activities, including masterclasses, podcasts, video webinars, offline meetups, and more.

How to join DAO

DeFi DAO’s Discord server is a primary platform for communication. To become a part of private Discord channels, one should own one of the following tokens:

  • DAO Hunter NFT — dao.information-pro.com
  • A certain amount of DDAO tokens
  • LP tokens in a DDAO / ETH or Bonds pair
  • LP tokens of GNFT / ETH pair

Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.




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