How to Participate in a DDAO
Hunters Launchpad?🚀

Oct 28, 2022

DDAO Hunters is the community was formed by the participants of the closed telegram channel and discord account, where crypto-enthusiasts and crypto-investors discuss new modern ideas of web3.

How to Participate ?

1️⃣ Go to our official web-site of DDAO

2️⃣ Click on LaunchApp.

3️⃣ Connect a web3 wallet.

4️⃣ Choose and connect your wallet

5️⃣ Choose a project according of your interested.

6️⃣ Choose a project according of your interested.

7️⃣ Click “Show More and ” and choose your allocation!

🥳 That’t it!




Non-custodial multi-platform powered by DAO Governance with several internal tools and services. We believe DAO can be as Layer 2 global community solution.