The Day I Didn’t Buy Magazines On My Porch

Hook and Build Rapport

The Pull of Moral Gravity

The killer-combo of the pitch is what comes next. Dudeguy knows that the last thing anyone in my neighborhood needs at any price is a magazine. He knows no one is likely to pay for magazines on their porch for themselves.

Three Parties Are Better Than Two

The person who created Dudeguy’s pitch was smart to invoke the power of veterans and victims in hospitals as an easy-to-visualize beneficiary. **And** he/she was also smart to make this a three-party transaction and to put themselves at the apex of the three parties.

  • AirBNB is a three-party transaction: you, homeowner, airbnb.
  • Google is a three-party transaction: you, search-engine, advertiser.
  • The examples go on: Ebay, Visa/Mastercard, Facebook

Who Did You Say You Work For?

I didn’t really get to ask the Dudeguy about his employer. But I did remember a “D” and a “T” from the badge around his neck. So when I went inside to eat the second helping of lunch, I punched in a search for “d t door to door”. What I found isn’t very flattering.

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