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Good news Defini community!

Our wallet app is now live and ready for download. Available on both iOS and Android users.

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Great news!

DFNi is now listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

Exciting times ahead as we will share another update in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more! 🚀

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DeFini can be summarized as a framework for cross-platform cryptocurrency exchange and market liquidity. own token – DFNi is going live on Finebox!

DFNi is constructed on Ethereum blockchain with a total supply of 100M.

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Withdrawals and converting your crypto to fiat made easy with

Payment gateway is one of the problems many are facing by crypto users. Moving your assets and withdrawals can be very daunting and costly at the same time.

Defini team have seen this problem and through its partner strategy, DeFini aims at creating a world network of key partnerships throughout the planet, with a selected focus at:Top 30 crypto exchanges and trading networks so as to possess high-bandwidth and cost-efficient direct access to the foremost liquid order books on the market; Crypto-to-fiat gateways throughout different countries and jurisdictions, in order that clients can easily withdraw funds directly from their DeFini accounts or supplement them using local payment processors.

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-- has its own utility token constructed on the Ethereum blockchain named DFNi

DFNi are single-issue tokens and no additional ones are often created within the future.

Total supply= 100M.

🔅All services provided by the DeFini framework are paid in DFNi tokens

🔆Transaction fees

🔆Payments for listing tokens and market making through exchange platforms

🔅Subscription fees for advanced trading options

🔆Gas fees for internal transfers

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DeFini can be summarized as a framework for cross-platform cryptocurrency exchange and market liquidity