1. What I learned from HER!

Yeah…so there she was this vision of loveliness from her short, red,curly locks to her amazing pencil skirt and those shoes… wow! The shoes where absolutely divine. The wooden platform and the spiked heel with gold tips. When she walked they made a clacking noise, slapping up against her heel and I couldn’t help but watch her feet.

Mrs. Harmer was my kindergarten teacher. I was traumatized that first day my Mother dropped me off behind those kinder bars, wondering if I would ever see her again and Mrs. Harmer ushered me into a whole new world. She was sweet, gentle and kind. I was mesmerized by her and there began my journey toward solitary independence. I felt her independence and individuality although my kindergarten brain would not yet comprehend the magnificent of that thought for some time.

I learned that I would be alright and that Mother would return. I learned that I didn’t have to ask permission, ever, to use the tiny toilets if I had to pee. I learned that my name, address and phone number were important to remember and if I did there where bright, shiny stars to be awarded. I learned that skipping felt like exercise and wearing the twirly skirt from the magical dress up box at playtime took me to my happy place of twirling for what seemed like hours. I learned I had to share that twirly skirt, it was the right thing to do. I learned I love shoes with heels, that make noise as they click across the floor and they are indeed divine!

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