History of Santa Claus

Student Lesson 11/28

Thanksgiving will have already happened and the Most Wonderful Time of the Year will have begun by the time I teach my lesson. One of the few things that rivals my love for history is my love for Christmas. I plan to teach the class about the history of the iconic character of Santa Claus, from his real historical origins to the evolution of the iconography of the legend.

I feel like this is a topic that everyone feels like they know a lot about but they don’t really. There is a very long history of the character. I want to also paint a picture of the many cultures that have a Santa-like person. I chose this topic to emphasize that EVERYTHING has a history.


Post — a brief reflection on Medium about what you know about Santa Claus. This can be about anything (i.e. origins, media representation, cultural perspectives, personal views, etc.). Include at least one picture or link to a representation of Santa Claus (try to get a little out of the box with the example!)

Read — just take a look at these few articles to give you a quick idea of the topic here, HERE, and here.

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