How I Learn…

Based on Pillars of Institutional Pedogogy by Cathy N. Davidson & David Theo Goldberg

My most important principles of learning are…

Self learning is at the very center of modern day society. The technology we have grants us the ability to constantly obtain new knowledge. We are taught from a very young age how to and that we absolutely should look things up and expand our knowledge.

A De-Centered Pedogogy is important because we need to take advantage of collaborative learning and knowledge. The writer uses the example of astronomers and the usefulness of amateur astronomers have to discovering trends in space.

Networked Learning helps to create a social atmosphere for learning. You can learning things in a social environment that would not come as naturally to an individual learning environment. Learning how to work with people is essential to education and being able to make your way in the world.

Life Long Learning is a given in today’s society. The world is constantly changing, new things are being discovered, and people are exposed to new things everyday. The world is so fast paced and there is just so much to know.

Flexible Scalability and Simulation are vital to this modern connected world. They give us the ability to discuss and collaborate in a more anonymous and freeing way. Institutions have to alter their way of viewing these collaborative methods because they are where learning is headed in the future.

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