Video Games

Now, I don’t really play video games alot. I have a few that I like and that I used to play when I had more time. I’m a fan of Fall Out(New Vegas in specific). I have dabbled in playing Dead Space(which is G darn terrifying). I have played my fair share of Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman, and many other “lamer” games.

My friends and I played Injustice ALL the time in high school. It was always a fun time. I love that game. It brings in super heroes and villains that I am a fan of. I loved that it was a darker take on the aesthetics of these characters. We would battle it out and get pretty heated about the competition. It would pump us up with adrenaline and get us hyped. We all had our favorite characters to play as(I was always Harley Quinn or Catwoman). I would usually lose.

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