Introducing Open DeFi Notification Protocol

Notifications — important when money is at stake

Protocol design goals

A polished user experience

  1. An open-source web component can be integrated right inside Aave web frontend to let users set up notifications right from Aave’s UI. This is not mandatory though.
  2. The user downloads the mobile app “DeFi Notifications” for iOS or Android and scans their address QR in MetaMask or the position QR in Aave UI. No other registration is required.
  3. The user chooses the type of notification to receive — those are contributed by the Aave developer community. Dozens of supported DeFi projects show up right in the app. Any project contributor can add more.
  4. The user approves push notifications on their mobile device. Alert sound can be fully customized to gain your attention. Alternatively, they can select a Telegram message or even a Twilio phone call.
  5. Decentralized protocol alert nodes start to monitor new blocks for the user, looking for on-chain events that trigger a notification. Projects like Orbs Network are providing their validator nodes for this purpose.

Ridiculously easy to integrate a new project





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