Real-time Statistics on DeFi Tweets — Learn What’s Really Going On Crypto Twitter
3 min readMar 13, 2022

Orbs, a partner of the accelerator together with Binance and Moonstake, is excited to announce its latest contribution to — the DeFi Twitter Trends Dashboard!

This awesome new tool is essentially a Twitter crawler that aggregates for you the most popular #hashtags, $cashtags, @accounts, and 🔗URLs, all wrapped up in a dashy looking dashboard!

As we all know, the DeFi world is moving with the speed of light, constantly changing with new trends and projects. Twitter is a major platform to stay up to date on what’s going on and receive quality content from the community. However, the amount of material can be overwhelming, with a lot of noise. The goal of DeFi Twitter Trends Dashboard is to help remove the noise and give its users a reliable source to keep track of the latest trends in the DeFi space.

You can access this awesome new tool from the website, at the following link:

A Set of Cool Twitter-based Features

Using the DeFi Twitter Trends Dashboard is super easy!

The dashboard showcases the most trending and popular tags on Twitter on a daily basis, which ends according to the counter at the top of the page. You can also see yesterday’s as well as the weekly top winners.

Below that you will find a table with the most trending #hashtags, $cashtags, @accounts, and 🔗URLs from top to bottom.

Here are some of the additional cool features that were incorporated into the dashboard:

  • Pressing on any one of the trending items will show you the latest tweets on Twitter in real-time.
  • 3 different dashboard filter options to choose from to make sure you get the information you want (more on that below).
  • Look out for the bright orange signals for especially hot trends!
  • Light and dark background theme to fit users’ convenience and preference.

See What Top Users Are Discussing

Wisdom of the crowd is a powerful tool indeed, but sometimes we want to consult with the experts.

In addition to all of the above features, users can also filter the dashboard in order to see only high-quality, VIP accounts! In this way, you can find out what’s trending among sophisticated and influential Twitter accounts.

The expert accounts list has been selected by the team and includes all of Twitter’s top DeFi elite. Want to join this exclusive group of influencers? Tweet about and mention @DefiOrg, and we will consider adding you to the verified list of users.

Last but not least, there is the “Without Re-Tweets” filter, which can be used when one wants to avoid promotions and airdrops (although still important) in order to view what is trending while suppressing “promotion noise”.

Keep Your Edge

The DeFi Twitter Trends Dashboard is packed full of useful information which can provide its users with a lot of practical insights on the current state of DeFi.

One of the missions of is to become a focal point of information for everything DeFi, with a set of unique tools and features to be used by the community. The DeFi Twitter Trends dashboard is the first of such tools, with more yet to come!

As a founder of the accelerator and a major player in the defi space, Orbs is happy to contribute this tool as part of, to be used by the community.



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