DeFIRE’s BLAZE Protocol

7 min readMar 25, 2022


A Simplified Marketplace for Powerful Investments

DeFIRE is thrilled to introduce the BLAZE Protocol, which will offer investors multi-chain crypto asset ‘containers’. Participants will deposit funds into a container and receive not only exposure to the container’s assets, but also a share of the yield generated using those assets. Multiple containers will be offered, and the participant can decide based on their risk tolerance and long-term goals which container is most suitable for them.

The low-touch process of using BLAZE from an investor’s perspective.

Our mission is to bring composable DeFi investment opportunities to the world. We aim to dispose of the typical barriers found in traditional finance and facilitate F.I.R.E. through DeFi. BLAZE will allow users to derive the financial advantages of this new, rapidly evolving financial market through containerised DeFi strategies which require minimal interaction. This protocol will provide fair and open participation to the DeFI sphere for all.

While BLAZE demystifies the process of portfolio diversification for the traditional retail investor, it also provides a new, gamified opportunity for professional investors, protocols, and other financial institutions.

Customisable containers will be available for these entities to build out the strategies that they have spent months and years identifying, or that they have never had the bandwidth to pursue. Custom container builders will be able to promote their strategy and receive a performance fee commensurate with the volume and the yield that they are able to amass in their container.

For the investors, this represents a new level of democratised, transparent financial disclosure. Nobody, regardless of their celebrity, will be able to pump a container and use their followers as exit liquidity without facing public scrutiny. This creates a secure environment in which both the novice and the advanced investor can interact in good faith.

For those who customise containers that outperform their competitors, the ramifications could be truly life-changing. Investors will be able to track the performance of each container, with multiple containers potentially utilising the same assets or protocols, but with different strategic trading actions. The potential to change fortunes and draw attention to open market competition will elevate the gamification of DeFi to new levels.

Add on top of this the fact that gDFIRE holders will vote weekly to choose which containers they want to boost for additional yield, and the potential of BLAZE to rival the dynamics of even the Curve wars becomes clear.

What is an Asset Container?

An asset container is a managed service provided to the participant by BLAZE. It is a deployed strategy seamlessly tied into a single point of interaction for the investor; a wealth optimisation tool that operates within the DeFi sphere for all investors, regardless of their skill or experience level.

Each container will be different in character, and as BLAZE grows so will the number of containers available to participants. Consider BLAZE’s asset containers as financial personal assistants. The user determines the amount of capital to deploy toward the container’s strategy, and then the asset container deals with everything else.

Every container will be constructed with one of the following core strategies:

Active: Attempt to beat the open market, pure wealth optimisation.
Passive: Match the returns of the market by following a theme of protocols/ assets.
Community: Developed by the community.
Automated: Zero touch, mostly market neutral.
Hybrid: Combination of strategies, allowing for addition of other variables.

Which strategy is chosen by the protocol participant will be governed by their long-term financial goals and risk tolerance. The container can engage with assets, protocols, and events. And will receive a risk rating based on the volatility of its constituting elements and included variables.

Investment process for a single BLAZE container.

It aggregates protocols and consistently optimises the deployment of the user’s chosen strategy. This is all self-contained. All transactions coalesce into a single interface for the user, and the user can track and monitor the progress and expected gain through the asset container’s financial insights.

BLAZE is the next evolution of financial aggregator services.

The Purpose

DeFi is a new, fertile, and uncharted land. Because of its rapid growth rate, this economic environment is time sensitive and complex. This represents a barrier to adoption for the average retail investor and can equally hinder more seasoned investors. Currently the advantage lies with the person who has both ample time and expertise; we at DeFIRE are going to change this.

BLAZE provides a low touch solution for the long-term investor that does not have the time to constantly track the markets, develop strategies for new protocols, and implement these strategies.

Asset containers will aggregate the best protocols and yields currently available and add new protocols and assets joining the market once they are battle tested and financially proven. It will then distribute the spoils to the investor through a single point of contact.

It removes the obstacles from the investor’s path on their F.I.R.E. journey.

BLAZE gives its participants freedom of mind. Their strategy is deployed regardless of market conditions, and they do not need to constantly be adjusting their allocations within protocols. The container will continuously optimise returns, and offer peace of mind to the investor on the journey towards financial freedom.


The significance of our point in time cannot be understated.

DeFi is ushering in a new age. With decentralised, fully transparent transactions on the blockchain, humankind once more stares at the social contract that binds us together. DeFi has given us the opportunity to come together and put faith in the sovereignty of the individual.

At DeFIRE we believe in the individual and understand how multifaceted human beings are. We deeply appreciate the value of time for the individual.

That is why we have optimised the wealth generation process to a single point of contact. It makes it accessible for the retail investor and gives time back to investors who have passions and hobbies to pursue.

The whole point of financial freedom is to leave the shackles of economic servitude and live a life rich in meaning to the individual. Thus, BLAZE aims at the future through generating wealth, whilst aiding the present by presenting the option to spend less time in contact with the markets for investors who have no interest in being professional traders.

Photo by Chaz McGregor on Unsplash.

Financial Genealogy

The first mutual fund was launched in 1924, but it was not until the 1980’s that they became adored by the public. Currently, they are a core part of most people’s F.I.R.E. strategy. They operate on the base principle of pooling assets, thus giving the investor exposure to multiple assets otherwise known as diversifying. Mutual funds give the average investor the ability to participate in a professionally managed fund.

Autocompounders have become increasingly popular in the DeFi sphere; one of the most well-known is Beefy Finance, a multichain yield optimiser. Auto-compounding is exactly as the name suggests, when a user is yield farming the protocol automatically sells the yields and adds the proceeds to the pool to increase the return over time.

BLAZE acknowledges these predecessors but goes so much further. In our mission to bring F.I.R.E. to the world, it is imperative that we build on and progress beyond the existing vehicles that facilitate F.I.R.E. The basic principle of pooling participant’s assets to leverage economies of scale remains from the mutual fund but we aim to give the investor far better returns and, if desired, power beyond that of an annual meeting spectator.

BLAZE brings the battle tested concept of the managed fund to the new world of decentralised finance. Each container represents a different style of managed investment, available to the participant within an ecosystem of boundless possibilities, unified into a single touch point.

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash.

The Future

BLAZE is only the beginning. In the yet to be released IGNITE protocol, BLAZE receipts will have utility as a leverageable asset. Users who deposit funds within the container will receive BLAZE token receipts. These receipts can be deposited as collateral in the IGNITE vaults for up to 50–80% leverage of the value of the asset. This leverage is set against the future yield of the asset, so IGNITE loans will repay themselves over time.

BLAZE will offer not just greater returns but also high levels of security and transparency due its nature of being decentralised. It is an open and much improved investment vehicle for attaining F.I.R.E.

BLAZE deploys optimised wealth strategies for the investor to bring free and unfettered participation within the DeFi sphere. We do this because the strength of our participants is our own strength, and together we can be a rising tide to lift DeFi to a place of prominence and accessibility for all.