$DFIRE — One Token, Endless Utility

$DFIRE is the heart of an ever-growing ecosystem, not just a protocol.

What is $DFIRE?

All of the protocols in DeFIRE’s ecosystem will be governed by a single DAO and the governance of that DAO will be carried out based on a single token: gDFIRE. $DFIRE holders can lock their $DFIRE to obtain gDFIRE (governance $DFIRE). The holder can choose to lock their $DFIRE for as short a time as one week or as long a time as four years.

gDFIRE will collect fees from all of the ecosystem protocols (starting with BLAZE and IGNITE), allow holders to boost their staking rewards, and decide how $DFIRE emission rewards are distributed.

As the DeFIRE ecosystem expands, $DFIRE/gDFIRE will continue to be at the heart of it. Every new protocol DeFIRE launches will open additional revenue streams for $DFIRE/gDFIRE holders.

How can I get $DFIRE?

$DFIRE will be created with a total fixed supply of 1,000,000 tokens and can be obtained in several ways:

  • Purchased in the pre-sale.
  • Received as a reward from DeFIRE’s protocols.
  • Received as an airdrop.
  • Received as part of a compensation package for contributors.
  • Received from partner protocols.

The 1,000,000 $DFIRE tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 5% — Community Sale: Community Sale launched by DeFIRE DAO.
  • 10% — DeFIRE DAO: Tokens owned by the DeFIRE DAO and used to cover its operational expenses and future development.
  • 10% — Team: Tokens allocated as compensation for the team. Vested linearly over a period of six months.
  • 1% — Airdrops: Airdrops distributed to the community as prizes in competitions.
  • 4% — Partnerships: Tokens allocated to enhancing collaboration with external protocols.
  • 70% — Ecosystem Rewards: Tokens allocated to investors engaging with the DeFIRE ecosystem, starting with asset containers under BLAZE. Distributed over a period of 18 months.

How can I use $DFIRE?

Governance — gDFIRE

DeFIRE’s DAO 2.0-based governance system will ensure the whole community succeeds together, delivers visionary impact, and educates an expanding, increasingly diverse investor class about the future of financial independence. After locking $DFIRE into gDFIRE the investor gains access to:

DeFIRE Revenue Share

gDFIRE holders will receive a share of the revenue generated in the DeFIRE ecosystem. Revenue will start being generated in Phase 2 of our roadmap with the BLAZE protocol and continue with the IGNITE protocol. The protocols generate revenue from fees and by staking asset containers on external DeFi protocols to generate yield. These fees are shared with gDFIRE holders. Later phases and protocols will open additional revenue streams, and these will be shared with gDFIRE holders as well.

gDFIRE Voting

gDFIRE holders are eligible to vote on DAO proposals and shape the future direction of the DeFIRE ecosystem. The DAO will vote on what new protocols to establish, how to compensate contributors, and all other aspects of DeFIRE governance.

One particularly important type of vote which deserves special mention is the weekly vote on $DFIRE rewards allocation. gDFIRE holders are eligible to vote on how BLAZE containers receive $DFIRE rewards. This is DeFIRE’s equivalent of the “Curve wars” and it can be expected there will be fierce competition amongst external protocols who want to encourage participants in the DeFIRE ecosystem to pick containers including their protocol’s tokens.

gDFIRE Boosting

One of the main incentives for gDFIRE is to boost rewards on BLAZE containers. The boost can increase $DFIRE rewards of up to 2.5x.

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