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Jul 21 · 3 min read

How do we structure ourselves and plan on being the best? Well…

(1) We will never fall short on Funds!

On every transaction the user makes, 5% gets burnt Immediately, WHILE 2% gets transferred to our Donation wallet,

So if you are using the Token, You are supporting the Project!!!

While the users and well wishers can still donate ETH and tokens on our donation address, we still pretty much made us well equipped already!

As long as we are being used for transactions, we will never fall short on funds.

This makes us SELF-SUSTANINABLE to an ultimately New level.

(2) Our team will be one of the strongest and the most Democratically Chosen one.

Have a look on how things will go👇👇


→ The Super Guy has 2 Votes, has a say in every department,

and is Chosen by The Super 27 (THE VOTERS)

(more on this later)…

The Super Guy needs to hold at least 0.5% of the Supply, at all times, in order to stay at his position


→ The Super Departments Have 3 members in each department, One Vote each, and are chosen by the Super 27.

Their Powers are limited to their own Departments…

Each member has to hold at least 0.2% of the supply, at all times, to remain at their position.

Though The Super Guy has 2 Votes, he can still be overridden by departments if all them don’t agree with something. While even if one of the members agree with the super Guy’s decision, The decision goes in his direction!


→ The Super 27 are the foundation of this structure, and though they don’t decide the decisions itself,

they decide whether that decision should be implemented or not.

For example, Exchange department and Super Guy decides they should list on an exchange ‘X’ and not on ‘Y’,

the Super 27 will decide whether they should list on ‘X’ or not at all…

But Super 27 can’t interefere in every decision making of every department, its only the most important decisions that require their attention..

→ How do you become a Super 27 Voter?


17 People who hold at least 0.1% of the supply, becomes eligible.

(2) Top 10 People who have been of great help to the community, in any way, and have been actively been a part of the community, irrespective of their Token holding(whether they hold anything or don’t), are eligible.

In case of more candidates than the seats, a Draw will take place, which has to be done by the Super GUY.

Voting has to be done every 45 days.

Last Team members are eligible again again for the new election.

(3) This ensures the Coin can actively be run by People that deserve it, not the first few adopters

(4) As found out in the market, the active interested people in Deflationary tokens is less than 10k, Thus, Our Total Supply will be 10k Tokens only.

(5) Incentive for being a Part of the team (more on this later)

As this Project succeeds further, and we receive more adoption, we may, at a certain point, increase the supply, and airdrop everyone proportionally

But the decision will be taken by the Super Guy and Strategy department of that Period, as well as Super 27, and not by us.


→ Whistle Blower will be a part of every team, as a passive member which has no say in the decision making, and his main purpose will be to keep eyes on every department and make the Public and other departments aware in case any departments or group of departments plan/try something immoral.

→Whistle Blower also needs to make sure that The Team is holding their needed supply at all times.


→Community will be taken care of by a separate group.

This Structure will Help to make sure no-one has utmost Powers, and only the deserving candidates run the token, while making sure The Token Survives.

Exchanges, Roadmap and The Team Remuneration

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The most thoughtfully structured fully Decentralised token seen never before.

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