QuickIntro- What is DeFlash?

DeFlash Token
Jul 21 · 2 min read


The world’s MOST Decentralized SELF SUSTAINABLE Deflationary Token, like never seen before!!

DeFlash is the best thought Experimental Deflationary Token so far, with the best planning and structure to ensure robust Running of the Project.

We analysed all the deflationary tokens that ever existed,

Bomb being one of it ofcourse,

and others like Dynamite, Mero, and a big shout out to VOID, the community run coin which is barely alive,though had a great community, but was always low on funds, and the Powers of the team weren’t distributed in a very decentralized manner…

We found 3 issues with these experiments -

(1) Always Low On Donations

(2) Team not so well structured/planned

(3) The coin is still run by first few people that adopted it

(4) Either too Huge supply or too low

(5)No Incentive of the Team or too high incentive

These experiments usally get a community of only under 10k,

so keeping the supply 500 or 21 million doesn’t help it.


DeFlash is the best Deflationary experiment so far, which has been well thought, and its structured in a way to NEVER DIE and always keep growing!!

DeFlash is one of the best experiments and thoughtful structured experiment, and we bet you have seen none like it.

We are very excited to announce on how our teams will be chosen and run.

Its gonna be you, each one of you, who will run the coin,

thus ensuring that not only the first adopters will be get chosen for the team!!


How are we better and our Team structure-

Exchanges, Roadmap and the Team Remuneration


DeFlash Token

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The most thoughtfully structured fully Decentralised token seen never before.

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