The uncomfortable world of constant discovery or the difference between Delivery and Product teams

An image of the “double diamond” approach.

Delivery Teams

The first step on your journey is probably to move a certain population of your users from role based teams to a form of cross functional team. What I would describe as a Delivery team. The first roles on this journey are often Delivery, Dev and Test followed by BAs, Product then UX. Which means you have a team who can effectively execute a solution.

Delivery teams can effectively work in the ‘execute solution’ phase
How pain effects the Delivery team when the two diamonds are seperated
Delivery teams understand how the user is affected by their solutions

Product Teams

Product teams can take responsibility for the whole “double diamond”

Product teams cover all the activities in the “double diamond”
Product teams focus on what their user wants to achieve
From definition to execution in less than a month


Transformation is a constant journey, and so its useful to be able to understand where you are and where you want to be. If you find your self ‘stuck’ in a Delivery team and unable to change things its important to understand whether this is intentional or by accident. You can then start pushing in the direction you wish to go.


Signs you are in a Delivery team

Often created by the first few steps on the agile journey, this team will have close collaboration between Delivery, Dev and Test. Dev’s will understand the importance of quality and will take responsiblitly for automated testing. Test will take responsibility for exploratory testing and will be able to generate risk based approaches to testing any solution or service.

Signs you are in a Product team

They have complete control of their own backlog. The backlog is no larger than a months work and it is relentlessy pruned and prioritised. Because of this, retrospectives focus on what this team can change and actions are prioritised against all other work. The roadmap is only relatively certain for the next 3 months. The roadmap consists of a series of ‘bets’ rather than requirements and it is understood that each ‘bet’ can be scrapped as its picked up by the team.

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