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How a small team reaches many users

Audiotool’s mission is to democratize music production and to make it as accessible to as many users as possible. Therefore they need to be present on iOS, Android and the web but like many other smaller companies they do not have the resources to write a dedicated application for each platform.

With defrac we set out to solve this issue. We are now proud to show an amazing first demo application built by the Audiotool team using our product.

Audiotool Sketch is written in Java. Using defrac it can be exported to iOS, Android and the web with 100% code reuse. A task that in the past would have taken much more time and financial effort.

“defrac is without a doubt the simplest way to write applications for common platforms. We started with Audiotool Sketch as a test and after that was completed we jumped straight in and began porting the complete Audiotool application to iOS, Android and HTLM5.” — André Michelle, CTO at audiotool.com

Stay tuned for more articles. The next one will focus on some of the tricks we are using to create high-performance web applications.