I’m Sorry, Surface, But I Just Can’t Anymore.
Jennifer Hoelzer

Hey Jen,

I hear your frustration, I feel there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to use a device, and said device does not work. Even “flips tables” rage if you're a somewhat planner like me.

I have a surface pro 3, and there have been some flip tables moments, but generally ok — although there might be an expectation bias that truly hides some issues here. My wife has one too and for her, it really just needs to work. So far we’ve had 1–2 issues over the past year and a half. So somewhat manageable.

Here’s the kicker for me, it seems that there’s a default approach by MS (& others) to eliminate failure, which I feel, is somewhat impossible. A better approach would be to build a system that minimises time to to repair, or mean time to repair (MTTR).

There is a clear difference in my experience, if someone helps me resolve an issue faster, than preventing the issue in the first place. Having me live with such failure and frustration and then acting in a way which leads me to believe they don’t even care about it, causes me to despair and lose hope.

I could make up a story you left your Surface because their was no system to acknowledge your pain, and resolve your issue as fast as possible.

I wish you well with your next device, and if you’re luckily enough to not have failure, then fantastic, otherwise I hope any defect you have, is resolved so fast, you feel compelled to share that story with us all.

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